Travelling in the Time of Covid – Kruger National Park – Day 15

Sunday 15 November 2020

We wake to another bright sunshiny day and leave camp at about 6:00 am. As we turn onto the H1-4 I comment to the earl, “Wow – the wildebeest are in a frolicking mood this morning.”

One, in particular, is running backwards and forwards and grunting a greeting to the nearby zebra who are also trotting about nervously. And then I see them – two hyaenas.

Good morning
Uh Oh – the wild ones don’t like the look of this
The zany zebra gang aren’t too fond of the intrusion either

Then an amazing thing happens. The wildebeest charge at the hyaenas and they dash across the road in terror!

The next interesting sighting is of a feathered kind

Wattled starlings enjoying the early morning sunshine
The male sports some impressive yellow wattles

On the S90 we get a new bird for this year’s Kruger list

Lesser Grey Shrike

The Big Six birds to seek in Kruger are:- Pel’s Fishing Owl, Ground Hornbill, Lappet Faced Vulture, Kori Bustard, Saddle-billed Stork and Martial Eagle.

We are lucky to get four of them in quick succession.

High up in a tree I spot two lappet-faced vultures. They are on a nest and I see the baby briefly jump up and then disappear again.

Mom and Dad Lappet-faced Vultures
First one and then the other flies off

We are delighted to see a kori bustard. He has been conspicuous by his absence so far this trip
The Martial Eagle certainly deserves his place as one of the Big Six
We also get the Ground Hornbill – she’s been around quite a bit this trip!

After our breakfast stop at N’wanetsi picnic site, we once again visit Sweni Hide. On Friday it was absolutely awesome. Today it the scene is different but just as exciting. The elephants do not appear and the hippo are very quiet. But a crocodile lurks in the shallows and we watch to see what happens as the animals come down to drink.

In the beginning the yellow-billed storks have Sweni all to themselves
Except for the Egyptians who are always there
The kudu arrive first
A lovely waterbuck will not be left out
He poses for a close-up
Then the impala and zebra arrive
It’s amazing to see the mass of animals drinking together
Spot the lurking crocodile
The zebra leap out of the way

We spend over an hour in the hide and then continue our game drive. We see more birds, the usual gang of plains animals and even some distant lion. But the hide is the highlight of our day.

Please don’t leave us out – we’re a highlight too with our beautiful tusks
And aren’t we your favourite animal? A blog without featuring us would spoil your reputation!

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