Travelling in the Time of Covid – Kruger National Park – Letaba to Olifants

We got to bed late after celebrating at the restaurant last night. Late, in Kruger is after eight o’clock! So we only start our day at half past seven this morning and it is already 26 degrees C. We travel the S94, S46, S93 and S44, before stopping at Olifants Rest Camp for breakfast.

It is a slow start to our game drive. We see nothing on S94. On the S46 we spot the odd small group of elephants and some zebra.

We miss this herd of elephant drinking. They are already on their way into the bush

The S93 produces absolutely nothing but we start seeing a few creatures on the S44.

The most exciting thing to capture our attention is an African Pied Wagtail. We laugh at our own excitement at seeing this bird.

Wally Wagtail brought us great joy

And then my favourite animal puts in an appearance.

How neatly he folds his legs
Getting up is quite a procedure

At the ‘alien crossing’ we find our friendly terrapins and an emerald spotted wood-dove.

Wendy Wood-dove poses for her potrait
The Aliens are still trying to persuade us to take them to our leader.

We arrive at Olifants at half past nine and sit on the deck overlooking the river.

Now – what should I have? Americano with milk, The One with medium fried eggs, toast with jam. You can have my toast too!

The Olifants River is appropriately named as here, and all through the rest of our drive, we find elephants enjoying what little water is in the river bed.

View from the deck
Zoomed in a bit
Zoomed in some more

We enjoy our breakfast then go to the shop to get a few provisions for dinner tonight. I buy some gifts for the younger Kokstad kids. Shh Don’t tell them!

We continue to explore the H8, S92, S90 and S89 before turning onto the H1-4 back to Letaba.

We see lots of elephants
We are careful when there’re babies around
Because adult elephants are very protective – You don’t want this girl to charge you!

We stop on the H1-4 bridge where you may get out of the car in the demarkated area.

Here’s looking at you, kid.
Spot the giraffe
He’s way over there!
And here are the zebra
A greenshank is seeking some lunch
So is Sammy Saddle-bill and I hope he will share with the gorgeous Egyptians\

We continue to see more of the usual gang but just two more photos before I sign off.

My favourite giraffes
Goodbye Mr Heffalump – Please don’t chase the birds.

Tomorrow is moving day. Shingwedzi is our next camp.

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