Travelling in the Time of Covid – Kruger National Park – Letaba to Satara

Monday 30 November 2020

It was not a good start to the morning. I’d been awake since pre-dawn, listening to the sounds of the bush. The cicadas who had been silent all day yesterday suddenly awoke and started their buzzing. As the light started creeping into the sky I got up and went to the ablution. I was looking forward to a nice hot shower and a hair wash. I turned on the tap – Nada! Not even a drop! As you can imagine I was not a happy camper! All I could do was use our bottled water to brush my teeth and give myself a lick and a promise. At least there was boiling water on tap that we could use to make coffee. Don’t, please, deprive me of my coffee first thing in the morning!

I consoled myself with the fact that at least I didn’t have to face the public. I could hide in the car and only the creatures of the veld would see me.

“I’ll shower as soon as I get to Satara,” I told the Earl. He just laughed. Why are these things unimportant to men!

We had our coffee, bade our neighbours who were also leaving goodbye and were on the road to Satara by 5:45.

As usual when towing we only stopped briefly to greet our friends of the veld.

Not in the mood to start the day just yet.
Walter Warthog down on his knees – lucky thing found more water than I did!
About time you showed up, Korri – You haven’t been around much lately have you?

After spotting the Kori Bustard, I called out, “Jackal!

“Where?” said the Earl.

“There,” I replied. “Quite far behind that bush.”

“What bush?”

“The dryish one.”

“Which dryish one?”

“Okay – you see that tall tree way back there? Well keep coming toward the car from there and you will see him.”

But still he couldn’t see it.

It’s quite far away
Scan with your binoculars – It’s behind a log
Oh, there! You said far away – That’s just here!

Conversations like the above are common in The Kruger National Park!

We continued our journey and stopped for some more special sightings.

Brown Snake-eagle
Yellow Mongoose
Grumpy Gnu gives us a look while Zelda Zebra laughs at Gilbert having a sand bath

When we arrived at Satara we found that our friends, Jim and Maureen’s caravan was still parked in their spot. They were due to leave yesterday but when they returned from their drive we found out that they’d extended their stay till Thursday.

We found a shady spot near them, unhitched the caravan, went for a very welcome shower and then after a short rest went for another drive. We did the S100 which produced all the usual suspects.

Me enjoying a giraffe sighting’
Just ignore here – She’s snapping that camera again!

The Earl captured an African Hoopoe with prey!

We found three different swallow species in one tree

Lesser Striped
Donkeys in striped pyjamas were everywhere. “Does my ‘ass’ look fat in these stripes?”
Hurry Mom – I don’t like those humans staring at us
Uh oh, She spotted me!
We are rather cute, aren’t we!

We also visited Sweni Hide but didn’t stay long as it was rather hot.

Mrs Saddlebill was on her own
Kevin Crake had some fun
Ian and Ivor Impie fighting for dominance

We rested at camp until about half past four and then went out along the Orpen Road to see if anything came to the dam. A few elephants came down and there were some lovely ducks.

Mom and baby having fun
Proud as Punch with the knob on his nose
Eyes right but there’s always that one duck! White-faced ducks
We also got the Levaillan’ts Cuckoo

On our way back to camp we were held up by a road block of elephants. We watched them for a while and were delighted with the antics of the tiniest of the herd.

Ha – Got here before you, now you can jolly well wait!
The tiniest member of the herd
Don’t mess with our baby – you’ll come off second best!
And I’m not afraid on anyone!

In the evening we joined Jim and Maureen for a delicious Pork Belly dinner cooked by Jim in their black pot.

The Boys
The Girls – ching ching

It was a simply stunning evening with a full moon shining

And to top it all we had an uninvited visitor.

Abe the African Wild Cat felt quite at home. He sat under the car and groomed himself just like your kitty at home would do. But, don’t be fooled – try to pet him and you will regret it!

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