Fifteenth Two Oceans Marlin Tournament – Day One

Yesterday was not an official competition day but the competitors among themselves organised a friendly, Saturday competition and prizes were awarded at Suidpunt Deep Sea Angling Club last night.

Kevin Swart from Kinda Magic landed and released a black marlin so was declared winner of the friendly.

Well done, Kevin

At 5 am this morning it was decided the weather was suitable and Andrew was on duty bright and early to see the guys off on their mission. See Suidpunt’s Facebook Page to see a recording of the live launch of the fleet.

In order to make sure that all the boats were all receiving well, Earl and Andrew went up to the high site to check on the aerial’s setting.

The mighty aerial
Andrew @ work doing some essential adjustments
Shanga ever offering to lend a paw
But actually just wants to take a nap in a sheltered spot
Lovely view from up there

It was 8:30 when Mojo called in a strike but it off within minutes. Then eight minutes later Marco Polo was vas and a long battle to land a huge black began. At 12:54 the fish came along side the boat then went under, broke loose and swam to freedom. Congratulations to Anton for a long, hard battle.

Eight minutes later Mojo called in a strike but it was off within minutes.

At 10:am Jolly Roger got two strikes on the Alphards. Both were lost.

At 10:15 Reel Deal had a strike south east of the 12 mile bank. They called in on/off.

At 10:22 Catch Cook reported a hook-up. But sadly it turned out to be a Mako Marlin.

At 11:14 John Graeme reported a hook-up and a fight began. It was 14:34 when they called in to report that a black marlin had been successfully released. You can see the video on facebook. It was estimated to be 200kg.

At 11:30 Mojo had another on/off

Multi at 11:30 also called in an on/off

After a successful day’s fishing the anglers were presented with Marinda and her crew’s excellent catering and enjoyed a meal of crumbed Big Eye Tuna and delicious prawns, not to mention the fabulous koeksusters for dessert.

John Graem’s Hylton Goatley enjoying a beer with fellow crew member John Leppan.

Hylton at the tender age of twenty-two landed a black marlin estimated at 200kg . Dad Chris is extremely proud and says his son started fishing as a toddler but has been competition fishing for the past four years. Like father like son, I would say!

Please take a look at the Suidpunt Facebook Page for live coverage of the evening’s festivities..

Report by Helen Fenwick – Information from Andrew Perrins

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