The Fifteenth Two Oceans Marlin Tournament – Day 2

This morning the wind was under 10 knots from the south and it was 16 degrees C and overcast. Twenty-two boats ventured at 5:00 am all hoping to catch a big one.

The first strike called in was from Multi 08:47 local time. It was an on/off on a small black marlin. The next Mojo hooked up at 08:48 and dropped it soon after. At 10:56 excitement was high when Mojo hooked up and fought for twelve minutes before losing it on a Kona. At 12 midday Moondancer had a hookup on a Maco/Marlin so just let it go. Then at 12:03 Mojo reported seeing a free-swimming marlin on position 04/52S. At 12:37 a stripy was in the spread all lit up. At 12:59 Met Eish was hooked up, called for colour orange but dropped at 13:24 It was a double strike. At 13:15 Catch Cook had a marlin strike on the same lure twice. At 13:16 Reel Deal hooked up on live bait in position 35.04 019.55E called for orange and was still fighting at 14:00

At 13:17 position 03/56 Kinda Magic had a strike on live bait. He hooked up and at 13:44 dropped it.

By the end of the day nobody managed to successfully land and release a marlin. It was a long day of hard fishing and as you can imagine the anglers were really tired after going out three days in a row. The delicious beef kebabs, potato bake and salad were most very much appreciated and fortified the guys for another day’s fishing tomorrow.

Please go to Suidpunt Deep Sea Angling Club’s Facebook Page to see liYe coverage of this morning’s launch and this evenings function.

Below are some photographs a few of the participating boats. We hope to capture the rest tomorrow.

Amazing Grace skippered by John Burger
The Black Pearl skippered by Harold Turner
Bad Company skippered by Mike Broderick
Zeenan skippered by De Wet Zeeman
Ziggy skippered by Alan Firmani
Bayswater skippered by Piet Wessels
Dory skippered by Dudley Dory
Indigo skippered by Gawie Bruwer
Marco Polo skippered by Rikus de Beer
Catch Cook skippered by Byron Ashington
Reel Deal skippered by JB Snyman
Rampala skippered by Waldo Janeke
Moon Dancer not too tired to take the kids for a joy-ride -after a hard day’s fishing.
Sea Cat skippered by Chris Steyn
Met Eish skippered by Steven Griffiths
Kinda Magic skippered by Kevin Swart
Multi skippered by Roelof Visagie
Shadow and Mika (Daughter of Moon Dancer) enjoying a refreshing swim together
Meet Mickyle the youngest competitor in the tournament. He crews with his dad on “Lyfie”. I see a great future for this young angler.

Report by Helen Fenwick – Information from Andrew Perrins

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