The Fifteenth Two Oceans Marlin Tournament – Day 3

By quarter to six this morning most of the boats were out and ready for action. We the support team, I am afraid, did not wake up to see them off!

Lyfie was the first to call in an on/off at position 02/55 at 08h11.

At 08h23 Mojo reported catching two dorado at position 05/54 and Zeeman a little later reported that they had four yellowtail.

Well done to Robin Vermaak on Lyfie who at 11h20 released a 120 kg black marlin caught on live bait. Position 07/57. At 13:17 Lyfie had another on/off. 13:36 Kinda Magic had an on/off too. At 14h08 Lyfie was once again vas on a marlin. They saw that it was a huge black, called for colour (pink) and then at 15h06 they successfully released a 2.72m estimated at 280 kg black marlin. The angler responsible for this was Louis Langeman.

Well done Team Lyfie

At 15h00 Dory reported that a 3cm flying fish landed on their deck.

Tiny little flying fish photographed on board Dory

Here under are some photographs of the boats returning from sea

Champion Boat of the day – Lyfie!
Crew – ecstatic after releasing two black marlin
Members of Lyfie’s Crew at Suidpunt Deep Sea Angling Club

The Two Oceans Marlin Tournament runs from Sunday to Friday and seldom do the anglers get to fish every day as the weather is so changeable. This year, however, the forecast predicts that every day will be a suitable fishing day. Going to sea every day is exhausting and one would thing that the anglers would like at least one day to be declared a rest day. But, after a democratic vote 14 out of 22 declared that no rest day would be necessary and so unless there is an unexpected change in conditions the anglers will go to sea each of these six days! South African anglers are a hardy lot!

Please take a look at the Suidpunt Deep Sea Fishing Club’s Facepage to see live coverage of this evenings proceedings. Marinda and her team are producing the most amazing meals each evening and a great deal of fun is had by all after a hard, hot day in the sun and the sea.

Report by Helen Fenwick – Information from Andrew Perrins

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