The Fifteenth Two Oceans Tournament – Day 4

Going to sea three days in a row had taken its toll on a many of the anglers and a few boats decided to take an unofficial rest day so just three quarters of the guys were out on another beautiful fishing. There was a slight breeze blowing, the swell was moderate and the water warm.

The first call of a strike came from Marco Polo at 09h00 and by 09h50 Christo de Beer successfully released a striped marlin of an estimated weight of 100kg. A still photo will be posted on the blog tomorrow.

The rest of the day was quiet and in the evening there was not much action at the club either. Let us say that everyone needed an early night to prepare the final stretch. So not much to report today but watch this space as much is planned for the final days. Please take a look at Suidpunt Deep Sea Angling Club’s Facebook page to see the video of this catch.

In the meantime let me show you some photographs of our beautiful harbour. If you are from afar or have popped into this blog by chance let me encourage you to visit us here at the southern tip of Africa some time in the near future.

Struisbaai Harbour – the chuckies giving it a picturesque look
The short-tailed stingrays are often seen looking for handouts from the fishermen when they return from sea at the end of each day
The local children having fun jumping off the jetty
Oh to be young again!

Report by Helen Fenwick – Information from Andrew Perrins

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