The Fifteenth Two Oceans Marlin Tournament – Day 5

Once again we had a splendid day for the marlin tournament. Andrew was live early this morning as the boats went out to sea. Take a look on Suidpunt Deep Sea Angling Club’s Facebook Page to see this footage.

The first few hours found the radios unusually quiet until a call came through from Koos Pretorius on G-Spot at 10:15 with a strike at 35/02S 20.51E on the Alphard banks but it soon dropped off.

Then 10:49 Catch Cook had a strike at the 06/53 South of the 12 mile bank. At 10:57 John Graeme to the west of the 12 mile bank at 01/51 confirmed a strike and identified a black marlin but they dropped it.

At 11:14 at position 07/57 hooked a black marlin but dropped it at 11h19. More action was called in by Reel Deal at 11h21 position 02/55. They asked for a colour (green) but lost the black marlin at 11h27.

There was an on/off for Sea Cat at position 00.49 but it was dropped at 11h47. At 12:25 Bayswater had a strike at position 51/50 but after five minutes the black marlin was dropped.

The real excitement began at 14:23 when Sea Cat had a hookup at position 58/50. He called for colour (green). It was a huge fish, seen numerous times jumping but unfortunately at 16:07 the huge black marlin threw the hook.

John Graeme at 14:40 position 00/41 had a hookup and dropped it at 15h47.

At 15h10 local time, Bayswater (Afrikaans pronunciation please) in position 00/49 had a hookup and at 16h15 on an orange band successfully released an estimated 170 kg black marlin. Well done team Bayswater! See Facebook for video footage.

There was a Pirate Dress-up at the evening function where delicious food was once again served. Andrew also did an auction where around R30 000 was raised.

Zeeman were the winning pirates and took home a package from Buffelsfontein Brandy.

Team Zeeman – the winning pirates

Report by Helen Fenwick – Information from Andrew Perrins

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