The Fifteenth Two Oceans Marlin Tournament – Day 6

Not a day’s fishing has been missed this year and once again this final day dawned with awesome conditions. It was a tad overcast this morning with a spit and a spot of rain but Andrew was able to go live with the morning launch of the fleet. (See the Suidpunt Deep Sea Angling Club’s Facebook Page) As the day wore on the cloud cover lifted and it was once again sunny and bright. And wow what an exciting day it turned out to be.

At 08h25, position 59/50 Sea Cat called for a colour (orange) but the fish turned out to be a bronzie!

A call from Black pearl came in at 09h19, position 00/50 and a green armband was allocated. They fought for four hours and sadly dropped the black marlin.

Bayswater was next at 09h23 position 00/49 and a pink band was allocated but no luck in a catch and release for them.

The good ship Zeeman thought they would be the lucky ones at 09h58 position 01/53 but they too dropped their catch.

The excitement rose when at 12h55 Dory called in a double strike. Orange was allocated and a 272kg black marlin was successfully released.

At 13h02 Sea Cat had an on/off at position 59/40 The same for Indigo at 59/48.

Sea Cat dropped two at 14h16 position 59/50 and 00/49

Just when everybody was thinking it was all over as the time for lines up approached Dory called in at 15h20 position 59/49 and successfully released a big black marlin at estimated weight of 362kg at 15:35.

Please check Suidpunt Angling Club’s Facebook page for video footage of the prize giving. I will do a report on that later this evening when I have all the information needed.

Report by Helen Fenwick – Information from Andrew Perrins

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