The Fifteenth Two Oceans Marlin Tournament – Prize Giving

After six continuous days of intensive fishing it was finally over and the anglers gathered at Suidpunt Deep Sea Angling Club to discover who the final winners were. The Two Oceans Marlin Tournament is more about comradery and fun as well as conservation but there is still an element of competition. All the teams received prizes thanks to our very generous sponsors.

Please support our sponsors
A Display of some of the prizes
And some more

Please take a look at Suidpunt’s Facebook page to see video footage of some of the proceedings.

Thanks to Sheila de Beer for handing out the prizes.

Third prize went to Marco Polo skippered by Rikus de Beer. Well done to all the crew and a special congratulations to the lady member, Linette.

Team Marco Polo

There was a tie for Second Place. Congratulations to John Graeme and Bayswater. Please pronounce the latter in Afrikaans.

The awesome anglers of The John Graeme team skippered by Chris Goatley
The Amazing Anglers of Bayswater skippered by Piet Wessels

First Prize was also a tie between Dory and Lyfie.

Skipper of Dory, Dudley Dory and Skipper of Lyfie Rudi Moolman

There are videos of the marlin releases on Suidpunt’s Facebook page – unfortunately WordPress does not allow me to post videos on my blog.

Not all the teams posed for photographs but here are some that did. Well done to all the anglers. It was an awesome tournament, the best we have ever had in its fifteen year history.

Catch Cook
Kinda Magic
Mojo skippered by Jacque van Niekerk
And just for writing about it, I got a prize too! – Thank you everyone.

Here are the stats of the tournament as given to me by Andrew Perrins

These are the stats as given to






DAY 5 ….11, 1 RELEASED



Fishing in all its forms is a passion of my darling husband Earl Fenwick and so in spite of the fact that I do not fish myself, I have been drawn into the excitement of it all. Since retiring to Struisbaai I have become particularly interested and fascinated by the Two Oceans Marlin Competition. Having Andrew Perrins, the Safety Officer, spending a few days before and during the tournament adds to this. The radios are never quiet and listening to the banter and hearing the first call of a strike is a thrilling experience. I would like to just relate a little more of the history of this competition. Gawie Bruwer spoke of it at the prize giving in more detail but I am just giving a little background here too.

In my first post for this tournament I wrote about how it all began and I repeat that again here with additions as Gawie gave me the names of others who were involved right at the beginning.

Meirion Williams of Huck Finn fame, sowed the seed to have an annual Marlin catch, measure and release competition.  This was after he chatted to local commercial fisherman, Trail Witton who landed a striped marlin some years ago.  Meirion thought it would be of value to investigate the numbers and sizes of the Marlin swimming in the Agulhas area.

Of course it is never the work of just one man and mention must be made of others like Gawie Bruwer, Hannes Schreuder, Gerard De Kock, Johan Jooste and Johan van der Walt who were all instrumental in making the idea a reality.

Then Davy Smeda, a radio ham who has in the past helped with radio communications for TOMT, gave me some notes about how the aerial that was used for the first time in this tournament came about. – Thanks to him for the piece that follows.

It was the morning of Saturday 2 February 2019.   We went to inspect the new site that Earl had found for The Two Oceans Marlin Tournament’s temporary repeater. The original site that had been used since 2006 was no longer available.

We met the property manager who guided us to the spot.  While contemplating where to place the low mast and trailer we discovered a concrete base, complete with bolts where a tower had stood.  Everyone there was excited including the property manager and that was when the idea of a permanent repeater site was conceived.  

Thanks to the perseverance of Andrew Perrins and Earl Fenwick the project was completed in time for the 2021 Two Oceans Marlin Tournament.  Exactly two years from that first visit to site, on 1 February 2021, I heard Andrew and Earl test the channel.  You could say that since first hookup it took two years of playing that big fish until it was landed successfully.  It was catch, tag, release to the sport. We all know it costs a lot to monitor tagged specimens and it certainly costs a lot to monitor this big fish.  The equipment is expensive.  Thanks to Earl and Andrew and especially to Koos who sponsored these costs.

A tournament like this doesn’t just happen. It takes months of preparation to ensure that everything goes off smoothly. Many people are involved in this and they all do an amazing job. I cannot possibly name all those involved in the excellent running of this tournament but I know that a lot of blood, sweat and tears has gone into it. I would, however, like to single out Marinda who I think we all have to agree goes the extra ten miles to ensure that there are no hitches. We have all enjoyed the amazing catering and smooth running of an exceptional six-day tournament. On behalf of all the anglers, thanks a million, Marinda. Your organisation is exceptional and your staff are amazing.

PS – I have photographs of all the boats. If you would like them please email me and I will send them to you.


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