Share Your World – 15 February 2021

Some interesting questions from Sparks this week. Here are my answers.


Do you feel you ask enough questions or do you settle for what you know?

If I want to know something, I ask or I go to that know-it-all called Google. She has all the answers.

I don’t ask too many personal questions though. If it is none of my business, I’d prefer not to know.

When did you fail to speak up when you feel you should have?

I regret not following through with something that happened to my step-child at school. The brief for a assignment was to write to a friend whose parents were getting a divorce. I think what she wrote was excellent but the teacher commented that she did not show empathy and clearly didn’t understand the situation. Well, how dare he. My child was coping with the loss of her mother, her step-sister (my own child) was a product of a ‘broken’ home and she saw the effects of that. We spoke about our problems in our home, dealt with them and moved on! Her advice to her fictional friend was sound. Don’t blame yourself and get on with your life. (not those exact words but you get my drift) I wrote a letter explaining that his pupil was a very caring girl, who’d coped with grief and was kind and loving toward her siblings, and how dare he judge her when he didn’t even know her! I never got an answer and only later found out that it was because she wouldn’t give my note to her English teacher. She feared she would be picked on if she did so I let it go. This was many years ago (she is 50 years old now) and I still in my head, I play out the conversation I wanted to have with that idiot although now I can’t even remember his name.

When was the last time you felt lucky?*

I feel lucky all the time. It would be awful if it finally ran out!

What is a boulder?

It is huge, smooth rock which comes in different hues and can be rather fun to sit on and stare out at the view below. They are found everywhere, on the mountain, beside the sea and even in the garden of the house I lived in as a child. It must have rolled down from the mountain behind us many, many years before. I loved that boulder and would climb up on top of it and lay down flat on my back and watch the clouds and dream.

Two of grandsons atop a boulder on Elsie’s Peak, Fish Hoek, Western Cape, South Africa

*If the lucky question feels like a re-tread, sorry. 

GRATITUDE SECTION (as always optional)

Feel free to share your gratitude with everyone! 

See the lucky question – I am hugely grateful for things usually going well in my life, for the lovely seaside village I live in, for my and my hubbies health, for good friends, children and grandchildren that still live in the country and are close enough to visit, enough money to live comfortably and the energy to still enjoy the remaining years of our lives. 

8 thoughts on “Share Your World – 15 February 2021

  1. Melanie B Cee

    Thank you Helen for Sharing Your World! You DO have a very ‘lucky’ life, but I think that comes about because you love your life – all aspects, both the good and the bad, and are pragmatic about the bad stuff. You obviously deal with those times well! How very lucky for you and a great attitude to have! I’m sorry you never got to tell off that dim-wit teacher, but I’m sure someone else did (or maybe even several someones) because bad teachers? Never have an easy road.) I cannot imagine doing that job with a closed mind, but obviously, others can. How awful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. puppy1952 Post author

      Thanks Melanie – then again maybe he wasn’t such a bad guy and learned from his mistakes later on. My daughter didn’t think it was as big a deal as I did. I should just have gone to chat nicely to him because when you know someone’s story you choose your words more carefully.


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