Two Geckos on a Road Trip – Day 2 – Citrusdal

The overcast conditions of yesterday were gone and we woke to a bright sunshiny day. Alec was up when I emerged from our Gecko at 8 am. We both put on our kettles and got tea and coffee on the go for our respective spouses. After we were all up for the day we decided to go to the restaurant for breakfast and then hit the hot bath.

Stunning setting for breakfast
Fabulous fun in the crystal clear hot pool

I can’t praise this venue enough. The facilities are awesome. Everything is pristine. Our campsite is not very close to the pool but it is shady and private. The road to the pool is narrow and there are the disadvantage of the campsites closer to the pool mean that you are disturbed by the cars passing by.

After our swim The Earl, Cathy and Alec went back to camp but I decided to stay with the intention of walking back later. However, I ended up spending the rest of the day in the shade, reading my book and dipping in and out of the pool for the rest of the day! Although the camp was fully booked the pool was quiet with guests visiting in waves throughout the day.

The Earl came looking for me at 3:30 and stayed for a swim. We met some other guests and we got to chatting about caravanning and camping. They were staying in one of the duplexes. We took them to see the Gecko and then we went to see the duplex which was really lovely. We also got to see the other facilities on offer. There are lovely natural rock pools and jacuzzis that are available to all guests. There is also a salon where you can go for facials, massages and other treatments.

Me with the natural spring in the background taken by my Ria who I met at the pool
Rock pool taken by Ria
The natural pool
Enjoying our new friends

In the evening The Earl, Alec, Cathy and I went to the restaurant to have dinner. It was really good and highly recommended. I had calamari, The Earl had ribs and Cathy and Alec had fillet steak. All were served with chips and a good Greek salad. Afterwards we had an evening swim in the pool before retiring for the night. It was a really good day!

Dinner at the restaurant

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