Two Geckos on a road trip – Day 3 – Citrusdal to Springbok

The secret to enjoying a road trip is to take it slowly. What a pleasure not to do long distances on our travelling days. Our morning started with a leisurely cup of tea/coffee and rusks, a chat with fellow campers and then packing up to go.

Gecko 109 have me completely determined to get movers before our next trip. Wow setting up and packing up is a real picnic with the magic wand in the hands of Cathy. A group of fellow campers were standing around chatting as she quietly pressed some buttons and guided her Gecko. Seeing the enormous van slip off on its own caused one gallant prince to leap forward to ‘save’ it. “Don’t worry,” we yelled, “Cathy has everything in her control.” He was totally blown away and I do believe he now plans to upgrade his camping equipment to include this modern device too.

We bade farewell to the wide-eyed spectators and were on our way to Springbok by 8:00 am. The skies were clear and after a slightly chilly start to the day it soon became pleasantly warm.

Our first stop was to refuel and have breakfast in Vanrynsdorp.

Lovely food was on offer
After ordering you can sit outdoors
Or if you prefer in. The counter along the side provide power outlets as well as USB ports.

Once our vehicles and ourselves were refuelled we continued our journey.

Gecko 109 lead the way

We had not pre-booked a place to overnight but had no trouble getting into Springbok Caravan Park. On arrival there were just a three or four other sites occupied but by 5 pm it was pretty full as a group of five or six trailer campers arrived.

We had two shady campsites next to each other. Everything was in good order. There is a laundry and the wash-up facilities and ablutions are clean and well-maintained.

Gecko 81 and 109 comfortably set up
There is a pool – but it was not sparkling like the ones we’d just left so we gave swimming amiss. I have been to this campsite before and on that occasion the pool was pristine. There was no electricity the whole day and this might be contributing to lack of maintenance of the pool
This is one of the ferral cats that visited and appreciated some generous handouts from The Earl and Alec
Another benefactor of the cat-lovers

Our supper tonight was pork rashers, steak, sweet potatoes cooked in tinfoil with a dash of Amarula, butter and salt, gem squash and a salad.

Everything was delicious

Tomorrow we head for Augrabies.

I know that a number of our fellow Gecko Family members are reading and I thank you all for your support and comments on the WhatsApp group.

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