Two Geckos on a Road Trip – Day 5 – Augrabies National Park

This morning The Earl and I had to take the caravan to Upington. The tow hitch needed to have shocks replaced and the wheel bearings needed to be checked too.

We left at 07h30 and the drive to Upington took just over an hour. We saw the Khi Solar One , the first solar tower plant in Africa. 

Khi Solar One

We had no trouble finding the workshop and once the Gecko was checked in we went in search of a place to have breakfast and wait until we could pick it up again. We made a few purchases at Checkers, looked for Cafe Zest where we had been before when passing through this ‘metropolis’ but were disappointed to find that COVID had forced them to close down. Instead we went to Dros in the Pick ‘n Pay Centre. It was awesome. We had excellent coffee and a wonderful breakfast very reasonably priced. The service was friendly and efficient and they made sure that we were comfortable for the next two hours. Even the owner checked up on us, gave us some information about places we could visit in the area and also let us have the use of an extension lead to plug in the computer. They were also happy to let us use their free wifi.

Breakfast at Dros

When all was done we collected the Gecko and were back at camp by 15h30. Cathy and Alec kindly helped us set up camp and we were soon enjoying some refreshing drinks. We then went for a walk to check out the falls.

An African Red-eyed bulbul winked at me as I passed by
A thirsty hyrax slaked his thirst at a rock pool
Another basked in the late afternoon sun
The Colours of Augrabies
Brown-throated Martin
Looking down on the falls
Oh those colours in the golden light
Enjoying the cool evening air after a lovely dinner of spaghetti bolognese cooked by Cathy and Alec

9 thoughts on “Two Geckos on a Road Trip – Day 5 – Augrabies National Park

    1. puppy1952 Post author

      Bushboy, here in South Africa we call them dassies (Afrikaans word for little rabbit) but they are not rabbits. In fact they are the closest relative of an elephant on land, The elephant. Hyrax and manatee all descend from a common hooved ancestor from the group of mammals known as tethytheria, who died out some 50 million years ago

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