Two Geckos on a Road Trip – Day 12 – Mountain Zebra Park

27 March 2021

The rain has gone! But it is still a tad chilly in the mornings here in the mountains of the Eastern Cape. We started our day with an “Early” breakfast, did a few household chores and then set off separately for a drive. We met halfway going in opposite directions and then headed back to camp for a cuppa. We then did another drive in the afternoon. Most of the game can be seen on the wide open plains but a few hang out in the mountains too. Birding is good. The views are magnificent. Below are the highlights from both drives.

Burchell’s Sandgrouse, I thought Now I think Shelley’s Frsncolon? Nope it a grey-winged as Anne suggests in the comments
Cape Bunting
View across the valley
Black Wildebeest / White-tailed Gnu
Our national animal – Springbok
View of the terrain – black wildebeest in foreground
Mountain Zebra giving us the look
Baby looking shy
Karoo Chat
Having a delightful sandbath
And a lovely shake afterwards
Contemplaing a swim
Come on in, the water’s lovely
I know it’s early darling, but come on out – the sun is up
Hello, Who are you? Do you have a snack for us?
Leave the tourists, love – they’re not going to give you anything. Just look out for jackals
Hang on – something’s in my tail
All good – let’s forage
I’ve got something
Me too
Pale-chanting Goshawk
Looking for ground squirrels?
Even the little lizards are interesting
And this tiny frog is so cute
Come into my parlour
Red-headed finch
Female not as colourful
Scaly-feathered finch looking cross
Male Ostrich
Red-billed firefinch trying to hide
Springbok by The Earl
Zebra by The Earl
Female Kudu by The Earl
Familiar Chat?
An evening view across the valley
Such amazing colours
Mountain Zebra Campsite
As the sun sets
Wonderful way to end the day
Bonding at the Braai

Just a final word about the facilities at Mountain Zebra – There are two types of campsite. C indicates a caravan site and T a tent site and the sites are numbered. We are on C32 and 34 with T33 between us. It was not busy when we arrived on Thursday but today (Friday) the weekenders arrived and it is now quite full.

The ablutions are clean and neat but there has been trouble with the water – no water for a few hours on this afternoon (Friday) and the shower in the morning was luke-warm. The Earl is also horrified by the state of the electrics in the camp. He is an electrician! Sadly maintenance is always an issue in South Africa but the beauty that surrounds us makes up for it all. I would still recommend MZNP as a destination.

5 thoughts on “Two Geckos on a Road Trip – Day 12 – Mountain Zebra Park

  1. Anne

    We usually try to visit during the week, skipping the full weekends. As Burchell’s Sandgrouse do not occur in this region, I think you might find your bird is a Grey-winged francolin – not easy to be sure with the grass in the way 🙂 I have enjoyed your photographs – the park is a lot greener than it was during our last visit!



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