Share Your World 3 May 2021

Here are my answers to this week’s Share Your World from Sparks

Would you rather be a super nice person and be depressed all your life, or be happy and a total *sshole?  (Credit goes to Cyranny for this question, aired on one of her “Cyranny’s Quickies” posts.)

If you are a total *sshole you’re not going to be happy. I have yet to meet a happy, horrible person. That person is usually horrible because of some darkness in their life and that is what is making them awful. So to answer the question – I know lots of depressed people who are really nice – too nice – because they empathise with everybody, worry about them and can’t seem to separate themselves from their worry and that’s why they are depressed. Maybe we need these depressed people because often they are the only ones who care about what’s going on in the depressing world we live in. They’re the ones who dress up and show up to help others even when they’re feeling so low it takes tremendous effort just to get out of bed.

Have you ever made someone cry?

Yes but not on purpose. It’s usually because of some thoughtless thing that’s popped out of my mouth. When it has happened I apologise and we’ve managed to laugh about it.

Are you a dreamer or a go-getter?

Both. You have to dream to go-get.

If you were in a band, what instrument would you play?

I have no musical talent so I would not be able to play in a band. However, if I could learn in an instant, I would like to play a keyboard.


Do you feel gratitude is necessary? 

Yes. You don’t feel happy and satisfied if you’re not grateful for your blessings.

4 thoughts on “Share Your World 3 May 2021

  1. Melanie B Cee

    Thank you Helen for Sharing Your World! You always have wonderful photos or images to go with your answers! I love it! Your answer to the depressed and happy person was very insightful and very true too! I hope you have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person


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