Breaking Free from Lockdown. A Gecko Road Trip. Day 16

When we went to bed last night it was warm and still outdoors.   But as we were dropping off to sleep the wind got up and it blew hard all night.  This morning it had dropped slightly but the skies were overcast and it was chilly.  Well, by tropical standards anyway.  The temperature did not rise above 22 degrees C all day.   However, the wind died down considerably by evening and it did not rain.

Our friends Jim and Maureen from Jeffrey’s Bay arrived at Kruger today.  They had made a last-minute booking and could only get camping at Shingwedzi and Berg en Dal.

This morning the Earl and I drove to Shingwedzi to catch up with them but Cathy and Alec decided to stay at Tzendze to do a few camp chores.  

Shingwedzi is a 60 km drive along the H1-6 and on our way there we did not have many sightings.  We arrived at half-past nine and found our friends in the process of setting up camp.    We spent the morning with them and it was great catching up.  I managed to get the laundry done and posted the blog while waiting for the dryer to complete its cycle.   We will be at Berg en Dal at the same time as J&M so will catch up with them there too.

We left at about 12:30 and our drive back was also very quiet.   When we got to Mopani we did some shopping and bumped into Cathy and Alec who had just had lunch at the restaurant.   We spent the rest of the afternoon in camp doing camp chores and just enjoying the peace of Tzendze.  It was our turn to do dinner and once again the smart space pots and pan were used.  I pan-fried some chicken portions and cooked broccoli, onion, sweet peppers, carrots, and baby marrow in a pot and then mixed in some cheese sauce. 

Here are the highlights of our day.

Munch Munch – breakfast is delicious
Mom is it safe to chat to those people?
Yes, Zebbie – they won’t hurt you.
Digging to China? Whose paws are those next to Mommy?
Oh – it’s Baby!
No road sense at all – I’m coming, Mom!

My favourite sighting of the day – Mr and Mrs Bateleur – Mrs is on the left.

Look left
Look right
Look left again
Then fly!
I’m coming!

Then back at camp I heard the call of an oriole and found him in the tree above my caravan.

Black-headed oriole trying to hide

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