Breaking Away from Lockdown. A Gecko Road Trip. Day 17 Tzendze

Mopani Rest Camp does not have camping but nearby Tzendze is their rustic satellite camp for tents and caravans. Checking in has to be done at Mopani’s reception. There are no baboon or monkey problems here.  There is no shop, no fuel station and no electricity.  The ablutions and kitchens are lit by solar power.   There are fridges and freezers available for the free use of campers .  We were allocated Camp Site 32 on the perimeter and it was perfect for two caravans.  Today was our last day at this awesome camp.

The facilities are beautifully maintained by Rodgerh and Elena.  They are both extremely friendly and helpful.   Rodgerh has a facebook page called Rodgher Tzendze where he regularly posts photographs of the birds he is so passionate about.  Each evening one or both of them come around to greet the guests and to ensure that everyone is happy.

Below I am posting some photos of the facilities.

Campsite 32
One of the ablution blocks
There are three ablution blocks with plenty of showers, loos and basins
What is behind this door?
Omiword – it’s a very private outdoor shower.
The camp kitchen
On one side of the camp kitchen – gas cookers if you need them
On the other – sinks with hot and cold running water

This morning we woke up a little later than usual and only left camp at 8:30.  The Earl needed to finalise things for the replacing of our cracked windscreen so decided to go straight to Mopani, make the necessary phone calls, blog and then have breakfast before going for our game drive so we did not go in tandem with Cathy and Alec today.   The windscreen will be replaced when we are at Berg En Dal and close to Malelane.

It was ‘cold’ today, the maximum temperature only reaching 23 degrees C.   We left Mopani at 10:30 did a long drive on the H14 ending up at Letaba Camp and then drove back on the H1-6.   We arrived back at camp at quarter to four.

We got three lovely birds at Mopani Rest Camp.

A Martial Eagle greeted us from atop a mast outside Mopani Camp
A Green Wood Hoopoe found a snack in the thatch
Is this chat mocking us? (Mocking Cliff Chat)

Once on our drive we started to see the regulars.

An adorable zebra foal sticking close to Mom.
Do you think they want to ride us, Mom?
Just let them try!

Looking down on the river bed we saw zebra and elephants fraternising with each other.

Closer to the road this one flapped her ears at us
The impies were hidden in the long, dry grass – but Ellie would warn them if trouble appeared.

We stopped at Letaba to check out the campsite and to have a coffee at the restaurant. The campsite was pretty full! We hope we find a good site tomorrow.

A bushbuck grazed in front of the deck
A Bird Party – Egyptian goose, Yellow-billed Stork, Grey Heron and Spoonbill

On the H1-6 just outside Letaba we photographed a lovey male kudu resting in the shade of the trees. His friend was nearby too.

What great antlers you have.
Today we saw huge numbers of hippo out of the water. I think because it was cold they came out to catch some rays.
Of course the elephants laughed at us on several occasions by suddenly appearing from nowhere.
How does an elephant hide?
We heard him call that haunting African cry, saw him flying and then the African Fish Eagle landed on the most perfect spot.
Nearing Tzendze we found a heap of buffalo
And not far from them, ellies at the waterhole, with just a single buffalo taking a very deep drink.
He didn’t lift his head the whole time we observed the scene.
Highlight of my day – A Brown Snake-Eagle

Once back at camp took down the canopy and packed up as much as possible. Cathy and Alec provided some delicious pork rashers and steak for the Earl to braai and we had this with potato done in tinfoil on the fire as well as some lovely gems and a salad. We were all feeling a little sad that it would be goodbye to Tzenze the following morning. Lataba here we come!

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