Breaking Free from Lockdown. Day 26 Satara

Friday 20 August 2021

The weather today was cool and overcast starting at 13 degrees C and going up to 24 degrees C. The Earl and I left at seven o’clock. Cathy and Alec left a little later and did a different route.

We haven’t seen many warthogs this trip but today on the H6 they appaeared to greet us.

Warties getting close to their food

Next we came across a gorgeous giraffe walking in the veld and noticed a fork-tailed drongo close at his heels. When he stopped to look at us the drogo waited patiently in a tree. The clever bird knew that Gandolf Giraffe would disturb more grasshoppers for him to catch soon.

There was not much besides some hippo and a fish eagle at Nesamani Dam

A fish eagle at Nesamani Dam

On the S 40 we found more creatures

We waited for the impala roadblock to clear
The Earl took a lovely close-up
Another giraffe with a following drongo The giraffe is scratching his neck on a branch
Mom and Baby Elephant
Brown Snake-eagle all puffed up

There were also quite a few male kudu travelling together

Two very handsome lads
A twist of horns

The S100 was unusually quiet but we found lots of waterbuck and some birds most of whom refused to pose.

Black-backed Puffback
Southern Black Tit

After our morning drive we returned to camp and compared notes with Alec and Cathy over a lovely breakfast cooked by the Earl. They had been on the S 40 too but went a little further than we did and found Wild Dog!

A gathering of dogs
Off to hunt an impala
When a dog’s gotta go A dog’s gotta go

Other morning highlights

Burchell’s Coucal
White-hooded Vulture
Immature Bateleur

In the afternoon we also left at different times and did slightly different routes but met up on the S100.

Crossing a weir we found a skulking Black Crake
There were two adult ground hornbills with an immature on the S90
Female Double-banded sandgrouse
Swainson’s Spurfowl
Warthog escaping the camera

Our final sighting on the S100 was a lion. He caused a huge traffic jam but refused to greet the tourists. We weaved our way through as soon as we could. Cathy got the best photograph.

Not waking up for anybody!

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