Breaking Free from Lockdown. Day 36. Pretoriuskop to Berg-en-Dal

It was moving day today. Getting the caravan safely from one camp to another before the roads become busy and finding the perfect camping site was the Earl’s prime objective so it was an early start for us today. It was 7 degrees C when we left but it warmed up considerably and by the time we reached Berg-en-Dal the mercury had climbed to the high twenties. We left ahead of Cathy and Alec at quarter to seven and arrived just after nine o’clock. Of course, as usual, on a day we did not want to be delayed, the animals had other plans for us.

The Earl did not want to stop for the four hyaena I saw but reluctantly obliged for a few seconds allowing me to take some unpostable photos. They were still there, with their pups, when Alec and Cathy came half an hour later. Cathy got some awesome shots.

Hi, your friends just passed by a few mintues ago
I don’t know why they didn’t stay to chat

Giraffe, zebra, impala and kudu simply waved at as we passed by but just before the turn-off to the H3 we stopped to see what two stationary cars were looking at. One drove off but the other pointed and said, “There’s a leopard walking through the bush.” Then he drove off.

We saw her immediately – no other cars were there
We thought she would climb into the tree but she was just scratching the bark and marking her territory
Then she came out of the bush toward the caravan.

If only we were not towing we could have turned around and followed her. There were no other vehicles in sight.

Sorry, I’m not staying to chat – places to go, impala to catch
And that was the last we saw of her. Anybody coming toward her would have a perfect sighting but it wasn’t going to be us!

The above shot by the Earl is a reflection in his side mirror

The creatures were all out to greet us this morning which was lovely to see but we only stopped to take a few photographs.

Giraffe are irresistable
Impala and zebra at Kwagga Dam
This might be a dark morph Wahlberg’s Eagle?

Alec and Cathy ran into some interesting sightings too. Our friends Jim and Maureen recognised their CS registration and Gecko caravan and realised they must be our travelling companions when they saw them at a very special sighing.

Give me a kiss you lovely creature.

When we arrived at Berg-en-Dal we found the campground to be very full. There was no chance of getting a perimeter site but we found a fairly suitable one not too far from an ablution. It turned out later that it was close to Jim and Maureen too. We were all set up by the time Cathy and Alec arrived. The rhino had delayed them somewhat!

There were lots of birds about while we were busy including a brown-crowned tchagra, blue waxbill, bulbuls, sparrows and doves. I managed to get a shot of a sunbird.

Scarlet-chested Sunbird
Welcome to Berg-en-Dal

By the time both caravans were set up, we went to the restaurant which overlooks the dam for brunch.

A paradise for animals
Warthogs grazing
A waterbuck with egret following to catch the insects she disturbs
Juvenile striated heron

Afterwards I did the newly upgraded Rhino Walking Trail which is about 3,2 kilometres long starting at the restaurant and following beside the perimeter fence. Part of it is a Braille trail which also has a cable rail for the use of those needing it.

The trail has information boards with descriptions of various creatures. There are also riddles for children to solve. The answer can be found by lifting the flap.

Even adults can have fun with these
That wasn’t so difficult was it?
Information Boards in English and Afrikaans and Braille

It was a lovely trail to do and I saw quite a few creatures right beside me on the other side of the fence.

Amazing to see while on foot
I see you

Later in the afternoon we did the Majula Loop and saw a big herd of buffalo at the waterhole.

We saw other creatures too but the light was not good for photography. It was a perfect evening after the past two days of chill we have had so we had a lovely braai for supper. Tomorrow the Earl and I have to take the Everest into Malelane to have the cracked windscreen replaced. Hopefully it won’t take too long and we can do a game drive in the afternoon. See you all then!

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