Share Your World – 30 August 2021

I have neglected participating in Share Your World for several weeks now. This is mainly because I am in Kruger National Park and all my blogging time is going into my daily trip reports when the internet plays fair. Right now, though, I am sitting in a coffee shop waiting for the car to be serviced and the cracked windscreen to be replaced. To pass the time I am catching up with reading WordPress blogs and doing a SYW.

Are human beings required to better themselves and will doing that make them happier?

Some people I know strive for perfection and it does not make them happy it just stresses them out. Others strive to better themselves and are pleased with the results and are happy because of the feeling of self-fulfillment. I believe that we should all strive to learn from our mistakes and try to become better human beings as this makes the world a better place for everyone. Happiness comes from within. I believe you choose to be happy and you choose what to do with your life. Expecting to be happy all the time is unrealistic. We have good times, bad times and in between times. That is the nature of things on this earth.

Is it easier to love or to be loved?

Of course it is easier to be loved. The trick is to accept that love graciously and to give love in return. Loving someone else is hard work but worth it. It’s easy to love a loveable person but unconditional love is something else. You can love a person but hate what they do. The exhausting part about loving someone unconditionally is exercising tolerance and withholding judgement.

Outside traumatic brain injury, can memories be completely erased?

I don’t think so. Your conscious mind might totally forget but somewhere deep in the subconscious those forgotten memories exist. Something might trigger a memory from absolutely nowhere. How does that happen?

Is there such a thing as a good death?

Yes. I want to die without pain or suffering. That would be a good death.

and one ‘silly’ one because the former questions were fairly serious:   What do you imagine is inside a baseball? 

What’s a baseball? Just joking – of course I know what a baseball is. I’ve never owned one though. What’s inside one? All the Americans’ passion for the game.



Feel free to share something uplifting this week!  

Well, I have so much to be grateful for all the time but this week I am hugely grateful that I can be spending time in The Kruger National Park. Back home it’s cold and wet while here the mornings and nights are cool and the days sunny and warm. I am communing with nature and enjoying the African wildlife. What could be better than this?

6 thoughts on “Share Your World – 30 August 2021

  1. Melanie B Cee

    Thank you Helen for Sharing Your World! I’m glad to see you back again! 🙂 What a lovely break you’re having…that sounds just perfect where you are and thanks for the elephants! Such majestic creatures! I suppose it’s true that in the very center of a baseball are all America’s wishes for their team! 😉 Very thoughtful answers to all the other questions too! Have a wonderful vacation/holiday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. puppy1952 Post author

      Thanks Melanie. I actually think Baseball is a great game! I’m not surprised that Americans are passionate about it. Here it’s all about rugby – a hooligan’s game played by gentlemen. Cricket comes a close second but Soccer is becoming almost as popular.

      Liked by 1 person


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