Breaking Free from Lockdown. Day 37. An interruption

Today was the day that we had to take the car to Malelane to have ithe cracked windscreen replaced. We also decided to have the car serviced at Malelane Ford while we were at it. The service would be overdue by the time we get home in two week’s time. Once the car was booked in at 07:00 a driver dropped us at Wimpy. We ordered breakfast and then spent the morning entertaining ourselves on our devices. There was nothing else we could do until the car was ready at 14:00. We then did some shopping and returned to Berg-en-Dal. Our drive there and back through the park yielded the usual creatures namely elephant, giraffe, impala, warthogs and kudu.

While we were missing in action Cathy and Alec took a drive to Gardenia Hide. Here are some their day’s highlights.

Wattled Lapwing
What a funny chap the crested barbet is.
I wonder what line he’s going to use to pick up the girl
The biggies are always around
The groomers are always looking for work

In the evening we braaied pork chops. It was a stunning, still warm evening. And that is all for today everyone. See you again soon.

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