SADSAA Bottom Fish Nationals – First Day

Earlier today I posted some photographs of the start of the competition. At 16:00 it was lines-up and then the weigh-in of some of the fish caught. Most of the fish were measure and release and teams did well. I am just posting some group photos here. The teams reported having had an awesome day’s fishing. The sea was calm and it was hot!

This is a species competition and so the aim is to get a variety rather than the highest volume of fish in any catch.

I am posting just a few highlights of the day. There will be more as the week progresses. Captions will be updated as the names become known to me.

Natal Barbarians Ladies’ Team – Michelle Richards, Mable Liebenberg, and BronwenSingleton
One of the lovely fish caught I think it’s a Santer
The Western Cape Ladie got a bak full of fish – Karla Rautmann, Amanda van Staden and Adele Parman (Captain)
SADSAA Green with some of their catch
SADSAA Under 19 Team – Werner van Zyl, Jan Harm du Plessis, Chais Gaul
Eastern Cape Ladies
Team Natal with their skipper, Roger Marais
The only yellowtail caught today!
Well done, Eastern Cape!

1 thought on “SADSAA Bottom Fish Nationals – First Day

  1. Mary Craig

    Lovely to see that fresh fish …Sounds an amazing day for them..Please will you send me the Fishermans Poem on my WhatsApp. My grandson is an amazing fisherman and spendsa his free time fishing in Darwin.



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