SADSAA Bottom Fish Nationals Day 2

Once again the teams woke to a beautiful morning and were ready to enjoy another exciting fishing day.

So far the results look like this.

Eastern Province439.14
Southern Cape342.56
Western Province263
SADSAA Masters Green 237.4
Border Ladies115.78
Barbarian Ladies104.15
Free State62.61
Western Province Ladies59.55
SADSAA Masters Gold43.96
Eastern Province Ladies20.13
SADSAA Under 1917.93
SADSAA Bottom Fish Nationals Results Day 1

There was an expectant air of excitement at the harbour this morning as upbeat music blasted from one of the towing vehicles as the teams waited for their boats to arrive.

Soon the signal was given for the launch to start and by 06:00 the last boat, Stompie 2, was launched and they all set off to the deep.

A stunning sky again this morning
Bait ready and waiting to be loaded
Off to wait for the rest of the fleet at Borrelgat
@Work has SADSAA on board today
SADSAA Gold is on Bayswater
Booby Trap has the Border Boys
With Capetonian today are the Natal Ladies
Natal Men on Double D today
Here they are all ready for a good day at sea
Eastern Province Men get to go with Moelas
Chris Moelman, skipper of Moelas with the Elephant Province Boys
Free State team is on Piromero
SADSAA Green get to go on Rapidcat
Western Province Ladies all set to fish on Relentless
Border Ladies are with Sea Dodger
On Stompie 2 we have the Western Province Men
The Eastern Province ladies are setting off on Tails Up
Wee Nenya has Team South Coast
The South Coast boys with Skipper Bryan Fitchat
Zeeman is ready to go with SADSAA Under 19 team.

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