SADSAA Bottom Fish Nationals – Day 5 Morning Report

Here are Day 3’s results which were held back in case of poor weather and sea conditions putting an end to any further fishing days. The final results are always only revealed at the closing function and prize-giving.

TeamDay 1Day 2Day 3Total
Western Province 263371.16308.32947.48
Eastern Province429.14149.58217.77796.48
SADSAA Masters Green237.40197.21150.09584.69
Southern Cape 342.56122.0910.06474.71
SADSAA Under 1917.01193.53262.71474.15
Eastern Province Ladies20.13379.6970.45470.28
Western Province Ladies59.55168.25140.54368.34
Border Ladies115.78111.8387.75315.36
Free State62.6120.5789.47122.65
Barbarian Ladies104.1511.4418.63134.22
SADSAA Masters Gold43.9653.3633.59130.01
Day 3 Results

The boat positions (remember the lowest score wins) stand as follows:-

BoatSkipper Day 1Day 2Day 3Total
RelentlessDaniel Huges45110
BayswaterPiet Wessels112215
RapidcatBrian Haywood53715
Double DErik Dahl26917
ZeemanDe Wet Zeeman64818
Booby TrapOwen Pretorius371020
Tails UpHarry Botha711220
Wee NenzaBryan Fitchat89522
Sea DodgerRoger Marais910625
@WorkRick Kuisis1111325
Stompie 2Riaan Swart1221327
MoelasChris Moelman1081129
PiromeroRobin Vermaak1413431
CapetonianHubert Meyer13141441
Boat Positions

Hereunder is the boat allocation for today, Day 5.

SADSAA Masters GreenWee NenyaBryan Fitchat
Western Province LadiesDouble DErik Dahl
SADSAASea DodgerRoger Marais
SADSAA Under 19RapidcatBrian Hayward
Free State RelentlessDaniel Hughes
Eastern Province@WorkRick Kuisis
SADSAA Masters GoldZeemande Wet Zeeman
Western Province PiromeroRobin Vermaak
BorderMoelasChris Moelman
Eastern Province LadiesBayswaterPiet Wessels
Barbarian LadiesStompie 2Riaan Swart
South CoastBooby TrapOwen Pretorius
NatalTails UpHarry Botha
Border LadiesCapetonianHubert Meyer
Boat Draw – Day 5

After a rest day yesterday, the anglers were raring to go this morning. This is their last chance to forge ahead and improve their scores. It was really chilly during the launch and the light was not good but here are a few impressions of the morning’s send-off.

Moelas and Capetonian
Stompie 2 – Barbarian Ladies
Double D
Wee Nenya

May all the teams have an awesome last day.

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