SADSAA Bottom Fish Nationals 2021 Closing Function

For the Closing Function and Prize Giving of the SADSAA Bottom Fish Nationals held at Suidpunt Deep Sea Angling Club, Marinda, and her team catered a delicious brunch.

Marinda and her team

All the results were ready and kept a strict secret and there was certainly an air of expectation as the teams dressed in their formal uniforms arrived for the big reveal.

Before the proceedings began I took photographs of some of the teams in their smart provincial uniforms.

Skipper of Piromero with SADSAA U19 Team
Jan du Plessis (Jnr) (Captain) – Robin Vermaak (skipper) – Chais Gaul, Werner van Zyl
Skipper of Piromero with the Western Province Team
Colin Joubert (Captain) – Robin Vermaak (Skipper) – Iaan Viljoen, DP Burger
Border finally posed for a group photo
Gary Lunt, Everitt van Loggerenberg, Andrew Harris
Border Ladies in their smart uniforms
Sue Botha, Belinda Fischl, Jacky Luef

DP Burger, Vice Chairman of Western Province Deep Sea Angling Association welcomed the teams, skippers and dignatories and then handed the proceedings over to Chris Schorn, Vice President of SADSAA.

After the results were announced and the prizes were presented by Chris Schorn, Vice Chairman of SADSAA.

Two competitors were presented with certificates for competing in a SADSAA team for the first time.

Nick Nel (SADSAA Tournament Officer) – Werner van Zyl (Under 19) – Chris Schorn (Vice Chairman of SADSAA)
Nick Nel -Louis Becker (SADSAA) – Chris Schorn

Emotions ran high when some competitors received their Protea colours. They will be representing their country in Iceland and Denmark.

Nick Nel and Chris Schorn with the Iceland Team
Allen Ford, Daniel Hughes, John Luef, Francois Beukes
Nick Nel and Chris Schorn with the Denmark Team
Daniel Hughes, (Captain) Louis Becker, Kobus Koekemoer, John Luef, Francois Beukes

Appreciation was expressed for the hard work put in by those working in the background.

Colin Joubert (Western Province Chairman) presents Sonja Marais with a gift for her hard work and excellent organisation on the tournament committee. Without her, this tournament would not have been as successful as it was.
Colin presents Philip van der Walt with a gift for his role as weighmaster and scorer.
Colin thanks Riaan van Staden for the part he played in both organising the launching of the fleet each morning and managing the SADSAA U19 team. He also gave a lot of assistance to the tournament committee.
Marinda de Kock manageress of Suidpunt Deepsea Angling Club receives a lovely protea bouquet for her excellent catering for this tournament
Earl Fenwick who did radio communication duty and ensured the fleet’s safety at sea receives a gift pack from Colin. Thanks also to Andrew Perrins who ran Nationals Control from England on 82 D.
Yes – that’s me with Colin. What a beautiful bouquet of proteas – our national flower.
It was a huge pleasure doing the photographs and writing the daily reports.

It was then time to present the medals. The skippers were awarded one point if the team on their boat earned the most points. Each day their points were added up and thus the skipper with the fewest points became the winner.

Brian Haywood was third but was not there to receive his medal.

Piet Wessels of Bayswater received a Silver Medal
Gold went to Daniel Hughes skipper of Relentless

The competition was divided into a Men’s and Ladies’ division and medals were awarded accordingly. There were just four ladies teams and they did very well indeed.

Bronze went to the beautiful Border Girls.
Jacky Luef (captain) Chris Schorn, Belinda Fischl, Sue Botha
Silver went to the wonderful Western Province Lasses
Karla Rautmann, Chris Schorn, Amanda van Staden, Adele Palmer
And the awesome Eastern Province Ladies took Gold!
Vanessa Gerber, Chris Schorn, Jen Nelson, Sheena Gerber

The Eastern Cape Ladies had the third highest points out of all fourteen teams.

Medals were then presented to the winning men’s teams.

By the skin of their teeth, SADSAA Masters Green took Bronze
John Luef (Captain) – Chris Schorn – Wayne Gerber, Gary Truluck
Eastern Province took Silver Chris Schorn – Kevin Clark (Captain), Ben de Bruyn, Ian Peinke
Western Province took Gold
Iaan Viljoen – Chris Schorn – Colin Joubert (Captain), DP Burger

The teams fished four out of the five possible days. The fourth day was called off due to inclement weather and poor conditions at sea. The final results are tabled below.

PositionTeamDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 5 Total
1 Western Province263,00371,16308.3273.231015.71
2Eastern Province429.14149.58217.7719.65816.13
3SADSAA Masters Green 237.40197.21150.0940.45625.14
4SADSAA 106.44111.28317.3820.14555.24
5Southern Cape342.56122.0910.0661.97536.68
6SADSAA U1917.91193.53262.7141.12515.27
9Free State62.6120.5789.4772.84245.49
10SADSAA Masters Gold43.9652.3633.5922.66153.57
Men’s Team Results
1Eastern Province Ladies20.13379.6970.45311.55781.83
2Western Province Ladies59.55168.25140.5444.60412.94
3Border Ladies115.78111.8387.7591.63406.99
4Barbarian Ladies104.1511.44`8.633.92138.14
Ladies’ Team Results
BoatTSkipperDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 5Total
1RelentlessDaniel Hughes451414
2BayswaterPiet Wessels1122116
3RapidcatBrian Haywood537722
4Double DErik Dahl269623
5ZeemanDe Wet Zeeman6481028
6Booby TrapOwen Pretorius3710525
7Tails UpHarry Botha7112929
8Wee NenyaBryan Fitchat895830
9Sea DodgerRoger Marais91061136
10@WorkRick Kuisis111131237
11Stompie 2Riaan Swart122131441
12MoelasChris Moelman108111342
13PiromeroRobin Vermaak14134334
14CapetonianHubert Meyer131414243
Boat Positions

8 thoughts on “SADSAA Bottom Fish Nationals 2021 Closing Function

  1. wetanddustyroads

    Wow, ek’s mal oor die protea ruikers – hoe gepas om dit uit te deel by hierdie funksie! Secretly, I cheered for the Western Provine guys & girls … and they’ve done great! Dankie dat jy so mooi verslag gelewer het oor hierdie toernooi!

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    1. puppy1952 Post author

      Ja ek stem saam oor die proteas 🙂 Ek is bly jy WP ondersteun het. Ons is ook baie trots op hulle. EP Ladies were also awesome! It was a really good competiton with a wonderful spirit.

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