Gecko Goes to Addo – Day 2

Friday 19 November 2021

Temperatures rose to around 24 degrees C today and we enjoyed the sunny conditions. We were up and ready to explore by quarter to eight.

These sweet yellow mongooses were catching the early morning rays
We came across quite a few elephants feeding in the bush – they love the spekboom
We have never seen so many Scrub Hares before – we had at least four today
A Karoo Scrub-robin posed beautifully
We saw a few warthogs but not as many as we usually see
The Sombre Bulbul calls all the time – Willie – Come out and fight – but he is not usually so conspicuous
Usually, we see the Spekboom with just their little green leaves but at this time of year, they burst into blossom. The leaves of the tree are highly nutritious. Elephants, rhino and kudu love them. They are good for human consumption too. I have some growing in my garden and use the leaves in my salads. They have a delicious lemony flavour.
Ellie feeding on the Spekboom

We stopped at Jack’s Picnic Site for a loo break and to stretch our legs. It’s a good place to look for birds too.

Cape Batis (Male)
Southern Boubou
Greater Double-collared Sunbird
A terapin at one of the waterholes

We returned at 10:30 and made breakfast and then went out again at 12. But first, we checked out the camp waterhole. All we saw were Egyptian Geese, Lesser Striped Swallows, Hadedas and Blacksmith Lapwings.

Our Campsite Number C25
Our Chef preparing breakfast
Lesser-striped Swallow
Blacksmith Lapwing on her nest

Our afternoon trip produced elephants at most of the waterholes we visited and we also had good sightings of zebra, kudu and red hartebeest. Simon has excellent spotting skills and got us a black rhino. It was far off and kept disappearing into the bush so we did not get a photograph but it was lovely to see.

Fun in the water
Heading straight for the vehicles!
Uh oh – Right next to my window!
The cutest baby ever
Safe under Mommy’s tummy
Trunks in a twist
We had a chinwag through the window
Zebra affection
Lovely to see a couple of these guys – Red-necked Spurfowl

Supper this evening was braaied chicken, chops and boerewors with potatoes and salad.

The men taking care of the braai
It was rather good!

9 thoughts on “Gecko Goes to Addo – Day 2

  1. wetanddustyroads

    Oh, I love the sight of the elephants – some of them just looks so friendly … though, I’m not too sure how comfortable I would be with one so close to my car window 😬. Well done to Simon for spotting the black rhino!


  2. H2

    I am most interested to see the spekboom in flower. I can’t remember seeing it before even though I grew up with it!!! Even your terrapin looks more colourful than usual!
    Haven’t seen Simon since he was a little boy – nice to see the 17-year-old. Glad he was with you – a special memory for for the future.


    1. puppy1952 Post author

      H2 🙂 Yes – it is interesting to see it in bloom – first time I’ve paid attention to it too. That terrapin was a strange colour – maybe from water plants? Simon has matured so much – it was great having him along with us.



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