Gecko goes to Addo – Day 3

Once again we woke to a beautiful day with just a bit of cloud cover and a slight nip in the air. We left camp at 7:30 and made our way to Carol’s Rest stopping along the way to look at various creatures.

House martin taken by Simon
Scrub Hare taken by Simon
Zebra Eye by Earl

Simon spotted the ellies marching to the pond first then called – hey – there’s also a rhino! We must have just missed it taking a drink as it was heading back to the thickets.

Black Rhinoceros
Aren’t the babies cute
There were red hartebeest about too (The Earl’s photo)
Simon’s Photo

When the elephants left we moved on and found many more decorating the landscape.

Baby sticking close to Mom
Oh my – A white elephant!
Protecting the little ones
And then there was a Buffalo crossing
Breakfasting together
Simon’s Photo

There were a few birds about but most refused to pose.

A very photogenic Crowned Lapwing
This ant-eating chat always obliges and makes an excellent model
There were plenty of speckled mousebirds
Bokmakieries were constantly dueting and finally one posed for a portrait
I think this is a Common Buzzard?

When we returned to camp at around 10 am it had warmed up quite a bit. We went to the Cattle Baron for breakfast. The Earl had an omelette, Simon had the Classic Breakfast – 2 eggs, bacon, mushrooms, pork sausage, rosti and toast and I had the Sunrise – 2 eggs, bacon, tomato and rosti. We also enjoyed their excellent Americanos and Cappuccinos. We then relaxed in camp till around 1 pm before going out again. There were lots of elephants dotted about the landscape but we were too late for the waterhole activities. We did not see anything new and decided not to drive around too much as tomorrow we will do the south of the park before exiting.

Oom Olifant was there to greet us
Lots of warthogs about

When we got back I took a walk and went to the camp waterhole and the bird hide. The waterhole was quiet except for a few birds. The blacksmith lapwing was still sitting on her nest.

There was a great deal of activity at the bird hide. It was alive with weavers and bishops building nests and chatting to each other. A bushbuck also made an appearance and spent quite a while drinking and nibbling the water plants.

Cape Weaver
Southern Masked Weaver
Red Bishop
A sweet little bushbuck enjoying a snack and a drink

In the evening we braaied and had Magnum ice creams for dessert then we took down the canopy and packed up as much as possible in readiness for tomorrow’s departure.

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