Gecko goes to Addo – Day 4

Usually, when we travel with our grandchildren the Earl and I are the first up. It’s then several calls before the kids get themselves into gear. This trip, however, we have had no problem getting Simon up early and this morning when I opened the caravan door at quarter past six, he had already packed up his tent and was waiting for us at the picnic table! Grandpa hadn’t even opened his eyes yet. But with little else to be done but hitch up the caravan we managed to leave camp by half-past seven.

The weather was slightly cloudy but pleasantly warm. We drove slowly through the park and left via the Colchester Gate.

The first creature to capture our attention was a grey heron on top of a tree.

Such good balance
He had a tiny insect as a pre-breakfast snack
He then spread his wings and flew away

We did not expect to see elephants at the waterholes this early on a cool morning but were rewarded at Marion Baree. Some of the elephants were already heading into the bush but some remained to play and chat.

What is that face pack you’re using? I love the colour.
Can I go into the water now, please Mom.

We were just about to move on when the Earl saw a few buffalo coming down the road. They were making their way to the water hole.

Oh heck – elephants at the pond!
I thought they’d be gone by now!
Come on – there’s room for everyone
I hope those buffs don’t think they can come into our pond
What do you think of that buff over there?
He’s okay – let him stay!

After watching the buffs and ellies we continued on and enjoyed seeing large herds of zebra and red hartebeest.

Lovey green grass at this restaurant
Cute baby zebra
These guys had to wait for two buffalo to finish at the water hole
I hope they hurry up – I’m thirsty
It’s going to be a while – those hartebeests will just have to wait.

We reached to exit gate at around quarter to ten and then went to Taste of Africa in Colchester for breakfast.

There is indoor and outdoor seating – we chose outdoor which was very pretty
Grandpa and Grandson enjoying the outdoor ambience of this lovely restaurant

They were very busy and so service was a little slow but the breakfasts were excellent and the coffee good.

It was around quarter past two when we got back to Plettenberg Bay. They had had rain while we were away and it was very misty when we arrived. But it was good to be back with the family. We will spend two more nights here before returning to Struisbaai.

16 thoughts on “Gecko goes to Addo – Day 4

  1. Anne

    So, Addo did itself proud until the end. Glad you saw buffalo – they haven’t been around on my previous trips – and it is wonderful to see it looking so green.


    1. puppy1952 Post author

      It is amazing how sometimes you just don’t some of the usual animals. We missed out on the lions, saw plenty of surricates and a surprising number of scrub hares. The buffalo were in pairs or small groups.



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