The Sixteenth Two Oceans Marlin Tournament – Day 1 Sunday 13 February 2022

Sunday 13 February Day 1 of TOMT

Thirty-three boats of varying sizes with between 3 and 6 excited crew members onboard launched early this morning for the first day of this much anticipated annual, Struisbaai event. Weather conditions were favourable starting with overcast skies, little wind but the slightly choppy sea made the ride out to the 12 mile bank a tad uncomfortable. My good intentions of photographing some of the boats launching came to naught as the eager skippers made sure they were out there before competition with the chuckies prevented them from getting to the fishing grounds before lines in at six o’clock. I did, however, on my walk with Andrew’s dog, Roo, get one or two lovely photos of our beautiful harbour and one of the competitors took a pre-dawn photo too.

Chuckies in Struisbaai Harbour
The morning was cool with overcast skies, no wind and a beautifully calm sea.

“Chuckies” are commercial fishing boats and all called after the chuck-chuck sound that they make when starting up.

Early launch – photo Leander Wiit

Marlin fishing to most keen anglers is the ultimate in offshore game fishing. This is because these magnificent creatures are huge and powerful and give the angler an excellent fight. Marlin is also rare and for this reason, the modern fisherman will usually release his catch. This competition is strictly measure and release and below is a summary of the rules.

Artificial lures live or skip baits may be used. Circular hooks must be used in all forms of bait fishing.

Lines in is at 06h00 and Lines up at 16h00 but these times can be changed depending on weather conditions.

Videos of the catch and release must be submitted and it is the angler and boat owner’s duty to convince the Marlin Control committee that the fish is swimming away safely.

There will be no points scored for fish that died or were killed and brought inThe tournament is strictly release with a strong emphasis on conservation. 

An independent panel of judges will review photos/video footage and award points accordingly.

Hearing the calls of hook-ups, progress of fighting, sometimes winning and sometimes losing brings much anticipation and tension in my house. It can only be a fraction of what is felt amongst the fishermen out at sea. There were a number of strikes called and we held our breath to see if they would come to fruition. Some turned out to be massive mako or bronze whaler sharks causing great disappointment to the angler.

After fighting for over an hour Bayswater sadly lost a big Black Marlin. There were two successful catches. Congratulations to Catitude who safely released a 60kg Striped Marlin. The strike was called at 14:26 and ten minutes later the fish swam away safely.

Soon after that Multi called in a strike at 14:41 and at 15:03 successfully released a 136kg Black Marlin. Well done to Team Multi.

In a later blog, I will be posting the stories along with photographs of the successful releasing of marlin as related by the crew themselves. Watch this space!

Lines up was called at 16h00 and I went down to the harbour to photograph the fleet. It was great to see the joy on the faces of the fishermen who even if they had not had a strike thoroughly enjoyed their day out at sea.

Tye Awesome Azura
Beware of keeping Bad Company
Beautiful Bayswater
Pearl of the Ocean Black Pearl
Catch Cook usually fishes for the table
Catitude caught a Marlin!
This Cat belongs to Charlie
Dory is found
This boat is fishes For Tuna – But this week it will be for Marlin!
Gorgeious Grace
There is a hot crew on Heat Seeker
Indigo returned from The Deep
Happy Crew after a jol on John Graeme
The pirates of Jolly Roger
The Italian Brothers! Le Fratelli
Lovely LegaSea
Lekker Lyfie
Marvellous Marco Polo
Marly-Quin seeking fin.
Magical Mojo
The Mighty Multi
One Way – My Way
Oh to fish on O2 Fish
Orca in for the kill
Piromero – proud as punch
No better deal than Reel Deal
A cat for the sea – SeeCat
Stunning crew on Stopie 2
Zipping along home from the sea – Zeeman

Once again Marinda and her team catered a lovely dinner of fried fish and prawns which was thoroughly appreciated by all.

Good Food and Good Comeraderie
Male Bonding
Team Catch Cook
Excellent Meal

And of course there were a few forfeits to be paid for misdemeanours.

Down the hatch it goes
Was it you or was it me?
We’ll both take the blame
The man protests too strongly!

4 thoughts on “The Sixteenth Two Oceans Marlin Tournament – Day 1 Sunday 13 February 2022

  1. mythbusta

    I still recall the thrills of the Trans Agulhas inflatables race and, with that in mind, I’m trying to imagine the thrill of seeing the Marlin Armada do its hunt on the high seas. One can honour the culture of catch and release, while adrenaline must be pumping on board 33 tiny vessels braving the rougher edges of two oceans.

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