The Sixteenth Two Oceans Marlin Tournament – Day 2 – Rest Day

Monday 14 February 2022

Inclement weather made going to sea an impossibility today and although the anglers were disappointed it meant they could at least have a day of rest. It was Valentine’s Day too but most of the guys were away from their wives and girlfriends. The Earl, Andrew, and I went off to celebrate at Earth, a lovely restaurant just outside Struisbaai, We saw many of the TOMT competitors having breakfast there together too. Earth had their tables decorated with red and white roses and presented their patrons with a heart-shaped biscuit with their coffee.

Suidpunt Deep Sea Angling club once again catered our dinner and the Eisbeins were delicious, thank you Marinda and her team.

Those Eisbeins were huge
and quite delicious

One would think that on a day off nobody would get into trouble but one would be wrong. There were several penalties to be paid for misdemeanors!

Morné from Marco Polo, a well-respected and experienced angler, went beach fishing on his day off. But he ruined his reputation by losing a cob!

and paid with sniff of snuff

My Way’s Aaron spilt his drink on the music equipment!

Gareth got lost so had to down two dops and wear a necklace with bells on it so he wouldn’t get lost again!

Derek paid the price for coming in late.

And Roly stole a flag!

So in spite of no fishing today it turned out to be a fun time for all.

I have posted Catitude’s Story here and will post others as and when they are sent to me. The author will be credited and I will only add and edit where necessary. Photos will also be from the crew. Unfortunately, I am unable to post videos on this blog but check Suidpunt Deep Sea Angling Club’s Facebook page to view them there.

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