The Sixteenth Two Oceans Marlin Tournament – Day 3 – Second Fishing Day

After yesterday’s rough seas there was still, early this morning, quite a swell and a surge in the harbour making launching small boats a tad dangerous. For this reason, launching only began after 09h00, and lines in was called at 10h30, and lines up was called at 18h00.

Even so, launching was not easy and it took a while to launch the boat and then collect some of the crew from the jetty. Thanks to the expertise of the skippers there were no major mishaps and although one angler fell on the jetty nobody landed up in the drink! I managed to get a few photos of some of the boats.

Marly-Quin uses a small tractor to launch
Amazing Grace waiting getting ready to go
Skilfully leaping onto the boat before it drifts away
Waiting to board Marly- Quin
Not fun when those rollers come at you
Flying over
And away they go
Bayswater skilfully handles the swell
And she’s off to seek calmer waters

Once out in calmer seas the action started. Hook-ups were called, some were false alarms and disappointed anglers called in to say it was a bronze or mako marlin and once there was a seal. There were several sightings of stripeys and blackies, lots of frustrating on/offs but also a few very exciting successful live releases.

And this, I am sure, happened with the marlin too!

Bad Company was the first to hook up at 11h22 at position 05/04. A crew member wearing a pink armband successfully released a 100kg Black Marlin, at 11h40.

Mojo was next hooking up at 13h28 in position 08/58. The angler wore a yellow band and successfully released an 80kg striped marlin at 13h45

Lega Sea at 14:06 called at hook up at position 10/56. The angler used an orange band and successfully released a 220kg black marlin at 14h40

This is exhausting
(Photo Credit – somebody on Dory)

As I am land-based I can’t get photographs of the boats in the deep but Gareth Decker on Fortuna sent me some.

Lega Sea

When the boats returned The Earl took a few photos too.

Our first photograph of Gwaza
Mojoy proudly flying the Marlin Flag

As lines up was later than usual dinner was only served at half-past seven onwards this evening. We were treated to a delicious soup, fried fish and mussels served with savoury rice.

There was a lovely vibe at the club as Burre Burger was providing wonderful music.

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