The Two Oceans Marlin Tournament 2022 – The Anglers’ Stories

The Catitude Story As Told By Uncle Ted

Sunday 13 February 2022

“The first day of the TOMT started with the team being in a high state of excitement and anticipation of a great day at sea.  As the day wore on and little action occurred. We considered throwing in the towel and heading back to shore but being at sea is always better than being at home.  Just half an hour, we said to each other and then another and another until the lines up hour drew closer and closer. Then with one hour left till lines up, all hell broke loose when Mike spotted a black fin behind Catitude and yelled Marlin!  Ted was on the wheel and turned the boat and the boredom of the last few hours disappeared in an instant.   Adrenalin coursed through our bodies as we all sprang into action, Colin and Mike grabbing the spare rods, Michel struggled into the fighting harness and started reeling in the aggressive fish.   The four other experienced fishermen yelled instructions in language that would make a pirate blush! 

All this swearing must have helped because soon a 60kg marlin was brought to the side, handled with the utmost care, and after being filmed and photographed by Ted and Mike allowed to swim away, none the worse for his little adventure with a very excited Frenchman.”

By Ted Horn

It was the next day that I went to visit and interview these fine fishermen and it was awesome to listen to the tale of their adventure and to share in the sheer excitement that they experienced.   This competition, they told me, is one they try never to miss.  When COVID prevented them from entering last year they were hugely disappointed. What makes it so special, they told me, is the camaraderie we have with the other anglers, the fact that we are all part of the rulemaking of the tournament, and that there is no huge cash prize being fought for.   It’s a friendly competition with an emphasis on conservation and not a fight for big stakes.    

Watch this space for the Multi’s Story. The guys have been very busy so have not yet had a chance to send me their report.

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