The Sixteenth Two Oceans Tournament – Anglers’ Stories – Lega Sea

Lega Sea’s Story By Crew Member Daniel

Tuesday 15 February 2022

Spykertjie the Marlin

Angler: Ruben Burger (Aged 18 years)

On our first day of fishing the Two Oceans Marlin Tournament we did not get a fish to stick. When we set out on the second fishing day we were all positive and super excited as we had a good feeling about it this time. Throughout the day we worked hard and listened to the reports on the radio of other boats hooking up and losing. Eventually, a fish was landed. Over the radio, they said it was on a Lumo Green Kona. We brought in the portside long and changed Konas. We put the Lumo Green Kona on and sent it back out. We watched the Kona to see if it was smoking properly.

JP even turned and said, “Check that thing, it’s smoking like a champ!” As we looked away to walk to the cabin, Julian said, “JP there’s a marlin mark at 20m.”

JP looked on the sounder and said, ‘No that’s not him. You are looking for a big red sausage.”

As JP said that, all we heard was a snap and a screaming reel. The fish screamed off at a rate of knots!

And JP yelled, “That’s him! That’s him! That’s him!”

We cleared the deck as fast as possible and just like that – fish on. Ruben had just hooked into his first-ever Marlin. After chasing this fish for 10yrs he finally had it on the line. After 40 minutes of intense and technical fighting with complex boat manoeuvres and a calm collected angler, the fish came up next to the boat and was leadered and the bill was grabbed. Ruben had done it! He had just landed the fish of his dreams! After a quick high five on the fin from Ruben, and the hooks removed, the Marlin swam off beautifully, completely lit up, showing off its magnificence before disappearing back into the depths. Hands were shaken, congratulations were given, and a tear of joy was shed by Ruben. He had done it! And we were back in the competition! All in all, it turned out to be a perfect day with a memory that will last a lifetime!

His face says it all
What a beauty! Black Marlin about 220 kg.

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