The Sixteenth Two Ocean’s Marlin Tournament – Pirate Evening

The last fishing day of the competition began with lines-in at 08h00. Lines-up would be called depending on weather conditions and ended up being at 16h00 making it a worthwhile day out at sea. It was an exciting day with quite a number of strikes but only on release by Bayswater and we shall report more about that in a later post. Today’s post is going to be all about the Pirate Party. Watch this space for two more Anglers’ Stories and for the final Prize Giving Report.

Thursday 17 February 2022The Pirate Pary

We arrived this evening to a creatively decorated clubhouse. I believe all credit is due to the Bar Ladies for this.

Dinner this evening was braaied chicken and vegetables. Well done to Marinda and her team for their excellent catering.

The braai masters hard at work
The Galley Staff
Well dressed for the part

The Bar Ladies also dressed up and made sure all the pirates got their rum and whiskey!

Enslaved in the bar
Don’t you love make-up!
And Stunning tattoos

There were some awesome pirates from the various ‘ships’ visiting Struisbaai this week!

One tried to kidnap me!
My pirate came to my rescue!
The kidnapper joined his mates for a drink
These two are ready for adventure
Totally awesome outfits
Did you ever see such a gorgeous girl pirate?
A Handsome Crew of Pirates
Not too much rum me hearties
Earnest the Car Guard had to keep control of the rough company
Love that bandana
Very scary!
Oh – That mustache!
Great fun me hearty
I give up!
Thanks to Buffelsfontein who sponsored the prizes.
Mariska from Buffelsfontein, the winning lady Joanie and Pirate Fenwick presenting the prize.
Deon won Best Dressed Male Pirate
Best Team – O2 Fish

Of course, there were the straf dops to be dealt out and today Amazing Grace 2 incorrectly used a call sign at sea, Gwaza didn’t call in at the harbour, Bayswater flew their marlin flag too high and Catitude did something that I missed.

Take it like a man!
It’s all in good fun
Uh oh – not the snuff!
Put your nose just there
Team Catitude downing a dop

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