The Sixteenth Two Oceans Marlin Tournament – Anglers’ Story – Bayswater

This is the last post for this year’s TOMT and what a great competition it has been.

Yesterday, I posted about the Prizegiving and somehow left out a few photographs and thank yous. I have subsequently updated that post so please take another look.

Organising a tournament takes months of preparation and all the organisers do a tremendous job. Thanks to Marinda, Dahlene and all the Suidpunt Deepsea Angling Club staff for their input.

The guys who man the radios are also indispensable in a competition of this nature. I know firsthand how much effort goes into preparing the aerials and radios and the guys involved are truly dedicated. Andrew Perrins is involved in the organisation, the running of the tournament, and the radio control. He is ably helped by Trevor Brinch (Spotter One) and my hubby, Earl Fenwick. Thanks to them for a job brilliantly done.

And now for the final anglers’ story. Dankie Piet Wessels.

I have done a rough translation below for my overseas readers.

Bayswater se Storie deur Piet Wessels

Donderdag 17 Februarie 2022

Die derde dag van visvang het ons geweet dit sal die laaste dag wees wat ons iets kan vang in die kompetisie. Ons het reeds twee visse veloor, een op dag 1 na amper ‘n uur en half 20 meter van boot af wat ons hom aangehad het en nog een op dag 2.

Ons het besluit om dieselfde Konas te sleep aangesien dit al drie visse geraise het vir ons die week sover. Ons het maar dieselfde area gewerk wat ons Dinsdag gewerk het, volgens my was dit die beste kleur water en temperatuur was goed. Die see was rof en dit het maar moelik gegaan om die Konas reg te laat swem.
Ons het nog getrol toe sien Kokkie ‘n vis wat swem agter ons right long. Dit was dieselfde lure waarop ons twee ander visse gehak het vroeer die week. Die vis het ‘n hele ruk agter die lure geswem maar wou nie byt nie.

Kokkie sê, “Toe kom ons maak ‘n lang draai en bly op die area.”

Ons was so halfpad gedraai toe klap die ourigger en die vis was aan. Hy het soos ‘n mal ding agter die boot gespring. Oupa Dawie was in die stoel. Ons het die vis mooi rustig baklei met die rowwe see. Vyf-en- twintig minute later was hy langs die boot en Kokkie het hom geleader. Dis was ‘n swart marlyn van ongeveer 100-120kg. Ons het die vis se hoeke uitgehaal, hom mooi laat swem langs die boot en toe laat gaan. Dit was n voorreg om weer ‘n vis te vang in die kompetisie.

Mooi Een!
Swart Marlyn

English translation

On the third fishing day of the tournament, we knew that it would be our last chance to get a marlin. We had already lost two, one on the first day after fighting it for an hour and a half then losing it within 20 metres of the boat, and on the second fishing day, we also lost one.

We decided to use the same Konas seeing that they had worked well for us thus far. We worked in the same area as on Tuesday and I believed the water was the best colour and temperature for marlin. The sea was rough and it was difficult to get the Kona to swim.

We trolled and then Kokkie saw a fish swimming behind right long. We were using the same lure that we had the previous two fish on earlier in the week. The fish followed the lure for quite a while but would not bite.

Kokkie said, “Let’s make a wide turn and stay in the area.”

We had turned halfway when the outrigger was hit and the fish was on. The fish went wild and jumped behind the boat. Oupa Dawie was in the chair. We calmly fought the fish in the rough sea. Twenty-five minutes later he was beside the boat and Kokkie leadered him. It was a Black Marlin of about 100 to 120 kilograms. We took out the hook, and let him swim away next to the boat. It was a privilege to once again catch such a fish in the competition.

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