Share Your World 21 March 2022

Here are my answers to this week’s questions from Sparks

What very common thing have you never done?  (this one probably is a recycle, but I don’t think it’s terribly recent?)

I have never taken recreational drugs yet I am a child of the sixties!

Are we morally obligated to be charitable, if we have the means to?

Yes, I believe with great privilege comes great responsibility. To be charitable is to help people in need. Anybody can do this. It’s not about donating large sums of money. The world is a tough place for many and if we could all be just a tad more charitable we could help a great many more people. How much does it hurt to give an old shirt to a homeless person or help out a friend who needs a favour? It’s the small things we do for each other that make the world a better place.

What is the most amazing fact you know?

That on Earth life springs up in the most desolate places but the grass won’t grow in my garden in spite of lots of TLC!

Is the universe trying to tell me something? Like, don’t plant grass let stuff just grow where it wants to?

A tree growing out of a rock – Go Figure!

What’s your favorite sandwich and why?

May I substitute a croissant for the bread? Smoked salmon, green fig preserve and camembert cheese go beautifully inside a croissant. Ham and cream cheese will also do.

GRATITUDE SECTION   (As always optional)   

Please feel free to share something you find inspires you.

People who put their fears and doubts out of the way and go for new experiences and adventures inspire me. I have just read an awesome blog all about that. May I share the link here?

4 thoughts on “Share Your World 21 March 2022

  1. Melanie B Cee

    Thank you Helen for Sharing Your World! Please feel free to share anything you like. You have an amazing outlook and attitude and that’s inspiring as well! Thanks for the link to Deb’s blog, it seems she had a lot of fun in that balloon! 😀 Your sandwich sounds delicious! You’re the second to mention fig preserves. I don’t know if they have them over here or not, but I’ve never tried that. Is it yummy? If people did show a bit more kindness to each other, what a change that would be! Have a fabulous weekend! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. puppy1952 Post author

      Melanie Yes green fig preserve is a decadent, yummy treat. But it might be an acquired taste. I did not enjoy it as a child but love it now. My siblings have always loved it. Both my grandmother and mother made it regularly.



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