Struisbaai Ramblings

When I am not off caravanning, cruising the oceans or helping out at Fishing Tournaments, I enjoy a fairly quiet life here in Struisbaai. I am often asked, “What do you do all day?” Isn’t that just the most difficult question to answer! I do everything I used to do when I worked only at a slower pace and how wonderful it is not to rush from one activity to the next. I now have time to read more, potter in the garden, learn Italian and blog. And every day I enjoy a long leisurely walk. The creatures I see in my garden and on my walks bring a great deal of pleasure too.

Orange-breasted Sunbirds enjoying the sprinkler
Witogies joined them
While the Cape Robin decided the bathtub was a better option
Tortoises are frequent visitors
And just the other night this young Spotted Eagle Owl and three of his siblings called from the roof and the lampost outside our house

Struisbaai boasts the most beautiful harbour and I visit it almost every day. There is always something interesting to see – the fishing boats coming back from a day at sea, the stingrays swimming in the shallows looking for titbits from the chukkie crew members as they clean their fish. The cormorants and gulls don’t miss a chance at a free meal either.

From the harbour I usually go along the boardwalk to our lovely long beach which is stunning at low tide. Sometimes I might be lucky enough to see something out of the ordinary.

Always lovely to see a Cape Bulbul
And a handsome crowned lapwing
Many people paint and then hide rocks for others to find – I found this one but decided to leave it for someone else. It looked so pretty there.
This Rock Kestrel eyed me but did not fly away
A Little Egret decided on seafood for breakfast on this particular morning
Sammy Seal was tired of swimming so came ashore for some R&R
And a bit of grooming
The beach is wonderful for long walks, swimming, fishing, windsurfing and kitesurfing
A favourite South African pastime – This is the first time we are using our new braai with its new chimney – No more smoke in our eyes!
The colour of the sky at sunset is just stunning

12 thoughts on “Struisbaai Ramblings

  1. Mary Craig

    U have a wonderful big garden. What a stunning braai you now have. Oh to have such beautiful birds around would be lovely. Your harbour looks amazing and all those pretty boats so colourful…. What a great place to live.. Enjoy.


  2. wetanddustyroads

    You have some lovely views on your walks (love your photo’s of all the different birds – and the seal)! It’s quite amazing to have the time now to enjoy your beautiful surroundings … and that great braai 🔥!



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