Gecko 81 at Addo – Day 4

Tuesday, 07 June 2022

It was absolutely freezing when I got up at 7:30 this morning.   Yesterday we bought a small fan heater from Spar in Colchester and I put it on immediately.  What a difference this makes to getting up in the cold caravan!  

After a shower and a warming cup of coffee, we set off at 8:30.  The skies were blue and cloudless and there was no wind so it warmed up quite quickly.   Our first stop was Domkrag Dam and then we did the Gorah Loop to Carol’s Rest Waterhole and then back to camp.  

Red-billed Teal – Domkrag Dam
Mr and Mrs Shelduck at Domkrag

It is amazing to see all the animals scattered across the veld.  Elephants, kudu, zebra, and red-hartebeest can be seen all together decorating the landscape.

Red Hartebeest
Such handsome creatures
This one getting close to its food
Elephants scattered about everywhere
How many elephants?
A huge number of zebra all over the park
A buffalo at Carol’s Rest

We were thrilled today to see two different sightings of suricates.   What cute little creatures they are – always alert and on the lookout for danger.  They all look in different directions and then if there is danger they pop right back into their holes or if they need to go someplace else they race off all at the same time.   We also saw a few yellow mongooses who are more fluffy and less hyperactive than the suricates.

Yellow Mongoose checking out the environment
On the other side of the road, this meerkat family looked around nervously
Around the corner, it was difficult to see that there were lots more of these cute creatures
But they were there alright
Making sure no predators were about
Uh oh something is coming – hide!
And in an instant, this is all you see as he scurries into his hiding place

Back at camp, the Earl cooked us a delicious breakfast and the birds came to visit.  The red-winged starlings were the cheekiest chasing all competitors away.  Even the pied starlings gave way to them.  It was lovely to have the Karoo thrush, Karoo Scrub-robin, southern boubou and black-headed oriole pop in to say hi too.

Karoo Thrush
Pied Starling
Black-headed Oriole

By midday, the temperature had risen to 28 degrees C and our jerseys and jackets were discarded until much later in the evening. We went out at 3 pm and enjoyed some more lovely sightings.

Elephant encounter at Rooidam
At the same time, two kudu males were at each other
While a Cape Teal simply ignored them
As we drove on we got held up by a traffic jam
Annoyed to be urged off the road
Honestly, it’s so much easier on the road – let’s get back there!
This is a zebra crossing – cars must wait!
We don’t mind
Have a nice day!
There were no elephants at Hapoor but the egrets were enjoying themselves
And so was this blacksmith lapwing
And this three-banded plover enjoyed not having to worry about getting underfoot of a pachyderm
The warthogs found the lovely green grass on the edge of the dam quite tasty
Such freedom when you don’t have to worry about giants stepping on you.

Sitting outdoors this evening was very pleasant. It was a perfect, still evening and although we wore jackets it was the best evening we have had so far. I cooked a chicken and vegetable casserole in the Remosca Pot and Jim and Maureen joined us.

5 thoughts on “Gecko 81 at Addo – Day 4

  1. Mary Craig

    Sounds another fabulous day.. The animals all look pretty healthy. Your chicken sounds delicious sure u had a great meal. Enjoy your time there.

    Liked by 1 person


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