Gecko 81 at Addo – Day 7 and 8

Sunday 12 June 2022A word about the park

Addo Elephant Park was established in 1931 but did not include all the sections that we are now privileged to be able to visit. It is now the third-largest national park in South Africa after Kruger and Kgalagadi. Originally Addo was established to protect the last 11 remaining elephants in the area. It is now home to over 600 elephants. Most female African elephants have tusks but many of the Addo females do not. This is because of inbreeding but since the introduction of new herds, some of the female babies are now sprouting tusks. Addo Elephant National Park includes a marine reserve and so one in fact can see The Big 7 if one visits all of it. The Big 7 are Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino, Elephant, Great White Shark and Southern Right Whale.

Addo is really a lovely park. When we arrived, the road from Colchester Gate was in need of grading and we were delighted to see that the next day the grader was hard at work – not easy as there hasn’t been much rain for ages. The caravan park is well-maintained and the ablutions are kept beautifully clean and neat.

We had dinner at the Cattle Baron on Friday night and the service was friendly and efficient. The chateaubriand which Earl and I had was to die for! Jim enjoyed his Pepper Steak and Maureen had no complaints about her hake and calamari platter. All dishes are served with complementary butternut and creamed spinach for the table and a choice of baby potatoes, rice, chips or salad.

Friday 10 June 2022Two Lovely Drives

We only left camp at 9:30 this morning and did the roads in the northern part of the park stopping at Carol’s Rest for our breakfast break. We returned to camp around midday and then went toward the southern part of the park in the afternoon.

Red-knobbed coot and chick seen from the lookout over Domkrag Dam
This Bar-throated Apalis was active in the spekboom too.
It was great to spot a steenbok too. We haven’t seen many of them in the park.
Some with tusks and some without
This mama has a really healthy pair
Way in the distance we spotted a Denham’s Bustard
All our usual friends were busy all over the park
Kudu version of a selfie pout?
What gorgeous girls we are
Are the guys coming?
A courting couple?
Don’t you love my handsome horns?
Enjoying a nap in the sun
A Capped Wheatear entertained us at Carol’s Rest
And a couple of Namaqua Doves tried to hide from us.
Earl captured this Red-Capped Lark beautifully
Marion Barree Waterhole
Wonderful warthog family
We hadn’t seen many birds of prey so it was great to spot this Jackal Buzzard
Lismore Waterhole
Two handsome buffalo – If you look carefully you can see an ox-pecker on the back of the one on the left.
A Warthog having fun
Dark-capped Bulbul
Singing joyfully
A Common Fiscal and Cape Glossy Starling having a chat
Pale Chanting Goshawk

Saturday 11 June 2022Farewell to Addo

We were packed up and ready to leave by 8:15 and exited through the Colchester Gate at around 9:30. This whole week we had not seen large herds of buffalo nor had we spotted a jackal. Today made up for it.

Part of quite a large herd
One of the several babies posed for us
Thanks, Jackie Jackal for bidding us farewell

It was once again a stunning day. We stopped at The Windfarm for breakfast and arrived in Plettenberg Bay at 13:15. We are now spending the weekend with the kids and will make our way back to Struisbaai on Monday.

Thank you for following along and thanks to all the Gecko Group members who commented on Whatsapp. I love sharing our adventures with you all.

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