Share Your World 1 August 2022

Here are my answers to this week’s SYW from Sparks

Do you ever feel more excited about getting the package in the mail, rather than the item that’s in it?

Receiving anything in the mail is a rare and exciting event in my neck of the woods. Our wonderful little post office in Struisbaai is no longer in existence. Sadly the South African postal service is not terribly efficient. A magazine that I subscribe to is hand delivered by someone who collects said magazine for all other Struisbaai subscribers and delivers them to our doors. A dear friend in Australia sent me a gift via the postal service recently and it took three months to get to the post office in Bredasdorp, 30 km from here. Because we don’t get much delivered by post we check in at this particular post office only once a month. Sometimes there is absolutely nothing to collect. So, yes, when something in a parcel arrives by post I am very excited regardless of what the contents are.

Not often seen in South Africa!

The courier who delivers my orders from afar also gets a very warm welcome when he rings my doorbell.

The courier – my favourite guy!

What is the difference between your ideal self and your real self?  (i.e. what attribute or physical feature would allow you feel the ideal ‘you’?)

The difference between my ideal self and the real me is enormous. I am always somewhat surprised to look in the mirror and see an old lady instead of a gorgeous young girl with bouncy blond hair, sparkly blue eyes and clear unblemished skin! Sigh – the hair is dry and grey, the eyes dull green and the skin all wrinkly and marked with age spots. At school one day, one of the kiddies in my class asked me how old I was. When I answered that I was 21, he said, “My aunty is 21 and she doesn’t have crinkles!” To be honest, I have never looked in the mirror and seen the perfect me because she has never existed. So losing my looks has not been too much of a disappointment. I actually prefer my older self to my younger one. The striving to be perfect is over – now what you see is what you get – take it or leave it!

If you found $2,000 on the ground and there were no witnesses, what would you do with it?

I would certainly try to find the owner. Firstly, I would report my find to the police station and give my details. I would not hand the cash over. I am pretty confident that most of the officers at our local station are honest but one can never be too sure! Secondly, I would advertise on the group page that most residents of my town subscribe to. The one who can tell me how much I picked up will get it. If nobody comes to collect it then I’ll know I’m meant to keep it!

Are you ever morally obliged to take action? Under what circumstances?

I pretty much believe that we should live and let live but there are certain times when as responsible citizens we should take action. We would all certainly report criminal activity that we see but do we pay attention to the clues of domestic abuse or pedophilia? If we do we should certainly take action.

When travelling in game reserves I become quite annoyed if I see people feeding the wildlife. I don’t hesitate to explain to them that this is signing the animal’s death warrant. Most of them are ignorant of the rules and grateful to learn that their ‘kindness’ is actually wrong. Others show me what their middle finger looks like.

Please feel free to share how last week went for you.   Bright or not so bright spots?

It is winter in the southern hemisphere and here at the southern tip of Africa, we have been experiencing some very cold and wet weather. However, some days even though chilly are clear and sunny. We took the opportunity to do a spot of bird watching on a couple of the sunnier days. Our garden birds also give us great pleasure. Feeding birds in your garden is okay as long as you are sure to give them the right kind of food. We have a pair of rather cheeky Cape wagtails who have learned that there is a certain resident who is very generous with titbits of cheese. If they find the feeding table empty one or both will come to the sliding door and scream loudly for service. The Cape Robin is not far behind and both these species are quite happy to come indoors to explore and drop their calling cards!

Here are a few of the feathered creatures that brought us joy.

Cape Longclaw
Jackal Buzzard – I doubt that he killed this lamb as his prey is usually much smaller. He is not averse, however, to scavenging carrion.

7 thoughts on “Share Your World 1 August 2022

  1. wetanddustyroads

    I giggled when I read your comment about the post office 🤭. When we visited The Hell in Gamkaskloof last year May, I posted a postcard to our home in Langebaan… only to receive it in December (7 months later)! The courier guy is my favourite as well.
    Lovely pictures of the birds, especially of the stonechat.



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