Catch Cook Market – All This Weekend

This weekend Catch Cook, the restaurant at Struisbaai’s working harbour, is hosting a market in their sea sand section. Many local crafters and small businesses are exhibiting their wares. There is a roaring fire burning where gourmet boerewors rolls are being made and you can order drinks from the bar too.

The Market opened at noon today and the Earl and I took a stroll down to see what it was all about. I don’t think all the stalls were open yet but it was well worth the visit.

These hangings would brighten up any home.
Some lovely pictures to purchase
Boerewors Rolls to die for
Mine came with avo, fetta and bacon!
The Earl could not resist buying a jar of raw honey
Cute knitted toys
Quite adorable
Handmade jewellry
I might go back tomorrow when the Earl is not looking!
T-shirts to remind you of the Deep South of Africa
Some wonderful shell art
And excellent wood craft
Such lovely furniture
Relishes from the Little Karoo
Somehow I forgot to take a photo of the wine tasting stall – but I did buy their olive products – oil, olives and tapinade and no South African can resist Droëwors (Dried Sausage)
I was drawn to the leather bag stall and couldn’t resist getting, just a tiny one, at an excellent price
Love my new bag

The Market is open all weekend unti 14h00 on Sunday. The weather is sunny so why not pop over to take a look?


5 thoughts on “Catch Cook Market – All This Weekend

  1. Mary Craig

    Gee that looks a super market. Yes the leather bags look amazing I would have also bought that size handbag better than a huge one to pull your shoulder down… Yummy boerewors rolls no cooking lunch.



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