Share Your World – 29 August 2022

Once again Di from Pensitivity101 is hosting Share Your World and she asks some lovely questions.

  1. Which of the following could you do without? TV, Computer, Mobile Phone.

Wow – we have become so used to all of the above. South Africa only received television in 1975 (I was 23 years old) and so radio was the only tech we had for entertainment. My father was one of the first amongst our friends to buy a set – a Telefunken with the PAL colour system. People used to joke that it was called such as all your pals would gather at your house if they didn’t own their own set! Everybody was terrified that their children would not learn to read because of television and parents imposed strict rules to limit viewing! Well, our oldest went from Grade 1 to Grade 12 with television in the house and although she loved TV she was also an avid reader of books. Her class was to go through their whole school career with the evils of television! They all turned out fine!

But back to the question – which one can I do without? Television for sure. I would not miss it as any entertainment can be obtained on phone or computer. I adore my laptop and prefer editing photographs, Googling and writing emails, diaries and blogs on it rather than on my phone but if I had to I could cope without it. I can’t imagine life today without a mobile phone. It is so multifunctional that in today’s world you would be hard-pressed to do without it.

2.  Do you have a lot of old photographs in a box, or did you put them in albums?

Most are in albums. Many are in a box but I have scanned and saved some to an external drive. .

One of those photos in a box (and scanned in) – My grandmother with three of her four children. My mom and her younger brother. Her baby sister on Gran’s lap, Mom must have been abour 17 at the time.

3.  What was the first thing you bought for yourself when you started work?

I cannot remember but I know I felt really rich when I received it. It didn’t take long for me to realise that I wasn’t.

4.  What is the biggest thing you have bought that did not require finance?

My first car- an Austin Mini – cost me R400 in 1977. It was second-hand and I paid cash for it. I drove it for about five years.



9 thoughts on “Share Your World – 29 August 2022

  1. Mary Craig

    Your Mom sure was a beauty. Lovely to have old photographs. I have taken most put of albums and now in boxes but my children are no interested. I could never do without my phone… We did have enjoyable times listening to the radio though. Times sure have changed.

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