Richtersveld Wilderness Camp

Saturday 24 September 2022

We were up by 7:30 this morning. The sun was shining but the air was chilly.   As I mentioned before the Northern Cape is having a water crisis and load shedding does not help the situation.   Although the electricity was on this morning when I got to the showers there was no hot water!    Not a pleasant start to the day.  After a warming cup of coffee, we packed up and were on the road just after 8:30. 

Our first stop was Springbok where we stopped for breakfast, to shop and to refuel.  We were amused to see an enterprising young man with his carwash kit.   I asked him if he would mind me taking a photo. He looked doubtful but I offered him some cash which he gratefully accepted.  He told me he needed funds for his baby who was not doing well.

Our breakfast, Springbok Café, is an old favourite of Cathy and Alec.  Every time they pass this way they pop into this novel place.  The dining area is still in the style of a sixties diner and it serves excellent toasted sandwiches and boerewors with your bacon and eggs.  The attached shop is very interesting and sells a variety of crafts, books and semi-precious stones!  It is decorated with memorabilia and old photographs making it fun to browse around.

The scenery on our route was quite dramatic too. It is very dry in this part of the world. Nothing grows on the rocky mountains and some areas could easily be mistaken for The Moon or Mars.

However, near the Orange River, it becomes quite green and we passed a few wine farms too.

The road to the Richtersveld Wilderness Camp is quite corrugated so we let down our tyres.  It seemed to take forever to get there but we made it by 2 pm. Our campsite is awesome We have two but have put both caravans on one and parked the vehicles on the other.   The view of the river is delightful.   We spent the afternoon sitting on the shady bank, reading and watching the birds.  I took a short walk and the Earl threw a line in but it is very hot on the jetty. 

Campsite 9 -Sunbird
The Orange River
Looking across The Orange River to Namibia

For supper, although it was Heritage Day, we did not braai! Instead, Cathy made chicken wraps which were delicious. Please don’t judge – we are proudly South African, but after our boerewors breakfast in Springbok, we were not in the mood for more.

On route here and at the camp we saw some lovely birds.

Swallow-tailed Bee-eater
White-fronted Bee-eater
Mountain Wheatear
Familiar Chat
Karoo Thrush

We are on the border between South Africa and Namibia but can only receive WiFi from Namibia which means we need to switch to roaming if we want to use our Vodacom Data. However, we can get free WiFi at the campsite. It is weak and when there is loadshedding we can’t get it at all. Because of this posting a blog is difficult and uploading photographs is very slow. Today is 26 September and I am only now able to post 24 September’s Blog. Thank you for your patience. More to follow as coms become stronger.


6 thoughts on “Richtersveld Wilderness Camp

  1. Mary Craig

    That sounds a very interesting trip so far. It must be beautiful in the evening sitting outside looking across the river. So peaceful.
    Your camp site sounds lovely but yes load shedding is getting to us all now. Thankfully it’s a beautiful warm summers day today so hopefully we will all be in a better mood. Sad news about Plett Helen my grandkids are there from Dubai so hopefully they will stay out the water…



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