Stream of Consciousness Saturday 19 November 2022

Today, after a long break, I am taking up the SOCS challenge from Linda

The word Linda has given us is ‘morning’ to be used any way we wish.

They say you are born either an early bird or a night owl and that there is not much you can do to change that. However, in my case, I have changed quite naturally. When I was a child, I had to be woken in the morning and nagged to get ready for school on time. I was fine once I got going and also bedtime was not a problem unless I had an exciting book to read under the covers with a torch!

I soon became an early riser, perhaps through sheer necessity. I was the annoying mother who welcomed the day with good cheer while my offspring looked on in horror. Arriving in the staffroom early one morning I greeted a colleague with a big smile and cheerful hello. She turned to me and said, “Stop being so chirpy, it’s irritating at this early hour!” She clearly needed her caffeine fix.

Now that I am retired I still fall into the morning person role when caravanning in game reserves. I’m the first one up, encouraging everybody else to get ready to set off to find the creatures before it is too hot. We took our youngest daughter on an early game drive once and she said, “Oh look at that stunning sunrise. I’d better take a photo because I won’t see one again for a very long time!”

But when I am at home I seldom get up to greet the early morning sunrise either. Life takes a more leisurely pace, especially in winter. Also, I tend to go to sleep later than in my younger days. It’s lovely not to have a strict routine and to just be flexible.

Mornings are, however, really the best part of the day where I live and in summer I like to get out early before the wind starts blowing. There is nothing nicer than an early morning walk and even a swim at our beautiful sandy beach that stretches for miles.

It is true both figuratively and literally that the early bird catches the worm. And if you enjoy birds it’s best to get up with the dawn chorus and sit out on the stoep and enjoy the feathered creatures that visit the garden.

Yes, mornings are lovely. I am basically still a morning person.


7 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday 19 November 2022

  1. Anne

    I am also a morning person – a lot more energetic and filled with more enthusiasm then. During my teaching years I tended to burn the candles at both ends, now I tend to take things easier in the afternoons and – of course – Eskom sees to it that I often have to go to bed before I really want to!

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  2. Tessa

    I have always been a night person, even as a baby, and necessity did not change that. I get up early and am grumpy as all get out and so tired I have no energy.


    1. puppy1952 Post author

      It’s tough when you’re wired differently to what the world requires of you. It makes it difficult for you to just listen to your body. Wouldn’t it be great if there were 2 time frames to work to, one for the early bird and one for the night owls.

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  3. Mary Craig

    Helen you are a lady after my heart. I’m awake at 5.30 every.morning and on the beach by 6.30.
    I never knew u had such a beautiful beach where u live
    It’s stunning
    Have a good walk once u start feeling better.



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