Three Things Challenge #M163

For the first time, I am responding to The Three Things Challenge from Pensitivity101

Each week there is a theme – this week’s theme is Time. Today’s words are Life, Birth, and Occasion. We are challenged to use any one or all of the words in any way we like.

The birth of my child was the most amazing occasion of my life. No, I did not enjoy the actual birth nor did I glow during pregnancy. Some women love being pregnant, I did not. Most say they forget the pangs of labour. I did not enjoy morning sickness, back pain, exhaustion and discomfort. Labour was the worst pain I have ever experienced and I have not forgotten it. I swore that I would not go through that ever again in my life and I’ve kept that promise!
But when my baby was put into my arms, I fell instantly in love and went on a high that I have yet to come down from. She was the best thing that ever happened to me. She was just perfect and although plenty happened in my life after that none of it spoiled my relationship with my child. I know many mothers struggle to bond with their babies, suffer post-natal depression, anxiety and feelings of inadequacy and while I can’t say things went swimmingly, nothing could take away that love and connection I had and still have with my daughter.

I did not have any more children of my own. My child was two years old when my marriage broke up and almost three when I met my husband. He was widowed with two daughters aged 11 and 12. These two girls brought joy to my life too and we have certainly grown closer over the years. Because I adored my own child so much I didn’t think it would be the same with her step-sisters. So I was surprised when I became like a she-tiger if anybody messed with them! The mother/baby bond was not quite the same but boy did I care!

When our eldest daughter divorced she brought her two babies to live with us and they and our youngest lived together till the boys left school. This meant we were involved with each other completely. They are all in their own homes now and we live 200km away in the house that was once our holiday home.

What a rewarding family life we have had. When we were not helping the eldest raise her two, we were dashing off to visit her sister and our other two grandkids 1400km away. No, we could not do without being completely involved in their lives.

Our grandchildren are all grown-up now. Our daughters are still precious to us. They all live busy lives but we make time for each other without being controlling. I don’t call my kids every day and I don’t expect them to constantly check up on me. I want them to live busy, exciting, fun-filled lives without worrying about their parents/grandparents. Heck, we’re still having our own fun and beware if they tell us we’re beyond it and need to settle down now.

Christmas is our next big occasion. All ten of us plus one or two extras will be together again for a few weeks. Believe me, we will be bonding and having lots of fun!


7 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge #M163

  1. Mary Craig

    Nothing better than being together over the festive season. U have been an amazing Mother to them all and so has Earl been a great dad. Enjoy them hopefully they will all stay put and not go to far away lands…



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