A Day visit to Addo Elephant Park

This morning we awoke at stupid o’clock, had a cup of coffee and set off from The Homestead to Addo Elephant Park. We arrived at quarter to 8, checked in for a day visit, and then went to the restaurant which is a Cattle Baron, for breakfast. For R55 each, ($3.20) the Sunrise was well worth it. You get two eggs, two pieces of bacon, two small rostis, a grilled tomato and two slices of toast with butter and jam. We also had coffee – Americano for me and Cappuccino for the Earl.

A scrumptious breakfast at Addo’s Cattle Baron

While waiting I yawned without putting my hand in front of my mouth in time. While rectifying my rudeness I caught the eye of another tourist! He laughed. I said, “This early rising is not easy!”

He had a Scottish accent and was there with his wife and three kids. Later we met them at a lookout point and I told them the names of the birds. They were in an awesome hired campervan that accommodated all five of them and he let us take a look. It was lovely but I still prefer my Gecko!

It’s not the best visit we’ve had to Addo. The park is recovering from a serious drought and is looking much greener but the animals were scarce and we saw very few birds.

It was a beautiful sunny day and the flora in the park was lovely.

These bushes were in full bloom
These wheat-like stalks were all over the park

Here are some photographs of some of the birds that made an appearance. Some of the usual suspects like bokmakieries were missing in action.

Southern masked weaver
Rufous-naped lark?
Yellow-billed duck on a puddle
Red-backed shrike
Egyptian Geese and Cattle Egret at Carol’s Rest
Beautiful in his breeding colours
While a black-winged kite looked on
My favourite waterhole is Marion Baree but only one elephant and this black-headed heron made an appearance.
Oh and these two Egyptian Geese
It looks like the crowned lapwings were having a convention
And were the pied crows planning a murder?

We missed seeing suricates but did see a few yellow mongooses – no pics. Also no jackals.

The zebras were few and far between which is unusual in Addo

Most of the red hartebeest we saw were languishing lazily
Young male kudu – we usually see lots of adult males.
Elephants were all over the park but only in small groups
Even the warthogs were missing in action but this mom and piglets entertained us near the gate

It is the last day of 2022 and although we have been invited to join our hosts and their extended family for a bring and braai we have decided not to. It will be early to bed for us and we will greet the New Year at a more reasonable hour tomorrow!

May you all have a fun-filled, prosperous and happy 2023. Embrace every opportunity that comes your way and remember Life is not made up of the breaths you take but of the moments that take your breath away! Live adventurously!


5 thoughts on “A Day visit to Addo Elephant Park

  1. Anne

    Our power has just come on in time for an early night too! Sorry Addo disappointed you this time … we find that now and then. That is when I turn my attention to the smaller things of interest. A happy new year to you both with plenty of opportunities for travelling around our marvellous country and for spending time with your dear family.

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  2. Mary Craig

    The flowers were very pretty strange with a drought there were so many. I’m not a fan of those Ellie’s they too big and come to close. By now u must know that park off by heart..I’ve only been there once…
    Have a great 2023 and lots more travelling in your Gecko..

    Liked by 1 person


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