Share Your World Monday 2 January 2022

This is the first SYW of 2023 hosted by Pensitivity100

Did you stay up to see the New Year in?

We were camping and some of the other campers stayed up. A young girl gave us sparklers to light at midnight but I am afraid we didn’t make it. We were asleep by 10!

Are there any special occasions or events coming up in 2023 for you or your family?

2022 was an awesome year. We had regular visits with our Cape Town and Plettenberg Bay kids and grandkids. Thankfully the younger generation is still happy to spend time with us. The highlight of the year was celebrating my 70th birthday with all ten of us gathering for a weekend at Fransvliet in Franschoek.

The boys looking forward to digging into that delicious cake!

We also went on a cruise to Marion Island and did a few caravanning trips. We certainly plan to have as much fun in 2023.

Leaving Table Bay on our Marion Island Cruise in January
Gecko Caravanning Weekend in May

One trip already planned with our friends Cathy and Alec is a caravanning trip to Kgalagadi in August 2023.

My granddaughter is turning 21 next month and ‘something’ is planned. We don’t know what yet.

 Do you keep a diary?

Yes, I do. At first, my diaries were erratic and dealt with the progress of my children and holidays. I have kept all of them. In 1999 I started to journal more regularly as some serious things were happening in our lives. I used these diaries to help write my book, A Judge Decided. Since starting those diaries I have continued although I don’t do entries every single day.

 How did yesterday differ from January 1st 2022 or was there no difference?

Let me check my diary.

Well, it seems that I didn’t write anything about 1 January 2022. But there is an entry for 31 December 2021. We all had different plans for the evening. The Earl and I were not going to stay up till midnight and that plan worked out for him. But our youngest, her friend and the friend’s young man who was also staying over with our Plett family, went out to a party, but the young man being of a rather shy disposition came back early and he and I sat up till midnight chatting! It was a most unusual New Year’s eve but very enjoyable. (He was good company one on one – just didn’t like parties!) I have no idea what time the girls got home but it was well after midday when we all met again for our next meal!

This year on New Year’s Day we had a champagne breakfast at our camp, The Homestead’s, restaurant. It was awesome. Our table was decorated, the champagne waiting on ice and a fresh fruit salad ready in a pretty glass. This was followed by a lovely English breakfast and of course some excellent coffee.
The rest of the day we spent swimming in the pool, walking in the shady gardens, reading, and napping. It was a wonderful way to start the New Year.

A smile is infectious. Spread it around.

I am grateful that The Earl and I are still in good enough health to do the things we do. Each year just seems to get better and better.


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