Bontebok National Park

5 January 2023

It’s not so bad finding yourself “homeless” when there are so many awesome places to stay cheaply, assuming, of course, that you have a tent or caravan!

As I mentioned in my previous post we have taken on the gypsy lifestyle while our house is let out for the holidays.

Today we left Warmwaterberg where we spent two lovely days and as we travelled toward Swellendam we enjoyed the scenery before the rain bucketed down.

We stopped to have breakfast at the infamous Diesel and Creme in Barrydale.

Always an interesting place to stop
The weather made us sit indoors this time
As you can see only a few chose to be chilly outdoors
The Benedict Wraps were delicious

We really should have ordered one wrap to share because neither of us could eat both halves!

Thus fortified with food we continued on our scenic drive to Bontebok National Park.

We love this little town of Suurbraak between Swellendam and Barrydale
This made us giggle

The homes are simple but everyone makes them look really pretty.

I love the yellow door
And this blue one
What a welcoming mini market
Goodbye Suurbraak – we will visit one day soon as at Warmwaterberg we met some folk who have a home here
And then the rain came down in torrents
Waterfalls in the mountains

It was still raining when we entered Bontebok National Park. I asked the reception staff to please turn it off but they just laughed at me. Anyway, my spirits were up when we saw our first Bontebok of the trip.

Well a wet good morning to you too!

We settled into our not-too-muddy campsite and huddled in the Gecko till the rain let up a little and then went for a drive.

The red hartebeest was too grumpy even to lift his head.
And this spotted thick knee looked amazing in spite of being wet
The wildflowers were also quite cheerful – I think this is some type of Erica.

The park is very pretty but in the wet weather, there was not too much to see.

At supper time we did not need to cook outdoors as we had leftover Benedict wraps and leftover ribs from Warmwaterberg both of which were still quite delicious.

More to follow tomorrow. I promise the weather improves!


12 thoughts on “Bontebok National Park

  1. Anne

    We enjoyed driving around Bontebok so much on our way to Cape Town in September that we did so again on our way home. The rest camp looked very attractive at the time – there were myriads of tortoises scuttling around then – that we are tempted to spend a few days there later this year.


    1. puppy1952 Post author

      It is a really lovely park, Anne. Yes, we saw lots of tortoises even on the rainy day. The rest camp is awesome. My next post will deal with the activities on offer.


  2. DeWetsWild

    We just love Bontebok, and also experienced it before in unseasonably wet December weather. As an aside, it is interesting to see Diesel and Creme so deserted as in your images – when we travelled through Barrydale on 27 December it was absolutely packed and we had to forego the chance of sampling their food.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. puppy1952 Post author

      Yes it is a very popular restaurant especially with bikers. But the other restaurants in Barrydale are good too. The Blue Cow is off the beaten track but overlooks a small dam which attracts birds.

      Liked by 1 person


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