Back in the Old Hood

7 and 8 January 2023

We were sad to be leaving lovely Bontebok National Park but we certainly will be back.

It was good to see that the owner of the park was making sure Administration did its job!

We had mixed feelings about heading to Cape Town. We’d geared our minds to going home to Struisbaai and after our lovely holiday, the big city with all its busyness did not hold much appeal. But on the other hand, we looked forward to catching up with friends and family.

It was one of those glorious clear sunny days and the scenery was stunning
A twinge of sadness that we were not taking the turnoff to home!
Passing a full Steenbras Dam lifted our spirits
Who can’t be delighted to be going back to the hood when this greets you as you come over Sir Lowry’s
We had to wait for a train, a working train at the level crossing in Lakeside!
Oh, the familiarity of this!
I never tire of this amazing view across the valley towards the back of Table Mountain.

There is no denying that Cape Town is a beautiful place and seeing the old familiar sights filled us with joy. We would be staying in Noordhoek just around the corner from Sun Valley where we’d lived for most of our lives and a few of our friends are close neighbours of Chapman’s Peak Caravan Park.

We’d never been to the park before but were quite delighted with what we found. Entering the gate we thought reception couldn’t be far away,

It was quite an adventure just finding our way to the office
Would we find a gingerbread house?
No – just a wooden hut with farm ducks and chickens scurrying nearby

We were not required to pay immediately but were given a remote to get in and out of the gate when it was closed and told to choose any site.

The children’s play area looked a bit too adventurous
A warning that would put any parent off!
Nobody was using the pool. When there are gorgeous beaches nearby it certainly takes second place
We found a lovely spot that has shade all day long.

We had heard that the park was run-down and had even closed so we were pleasantly surprised to find it quite a lovely place to stay. It is old and does not have the manicured appearance of some caravan parks. But it has a wonderful farm feel about it. The sites are large and there is plenty of shade. Many of the sites are more grassy than ours. The ablutions are not modern but everything works and they are clean and neat.

Who can complain when you receive visitors like this?

After we’d settled in and had a nap we went to visit friends just five minutes away.

My Bestie with her daughter and grandchildren

Today the family gathered at Castle Rock where The Earl’s sister and family live. Their indigenous garden which is just an extension of the mountain attracts many birds and other wildlife. The view of the ocean is amazing and the kids enjoyed a glorious swim in the crystal clear water. This is the bay in which “My Octopus Teacher” was filmed. It is a wonderful documentary that is well worth watching. Look for it on Netflix.

My grandsons in the clear water
Orange-breasted sunbird

We watched several helicopters flying low over the bay. Some landed at the ski-boat club where their passengers could get refreshments or walk around and admire the area.

A helicopter taking tourists for a scenic flight over the peninsular
This one is landing at The Cape Boat and Ski Boat Club

This part of the peninsular is spectacularly beautiful and the beaches being a little rocky and not as easy to get to are quieter than the more popular sandy beaches.

Our braai fire

It was a really beautiful day and a wonderful visit with our family and the braai was awesome. Thanks, Carol and Vere for hosting us.


5 thoughts on “Back in the Old Hood

  1. DeWetsWild

    There certainly is no city on this earth that can compete with Cape Town’s scenic lustre. Thanks also for telling us about the caravan park – I didn’t expect there’d be any camping places as beautifully wild and safe as this right in the city!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mary Craig

    That is so interesting seeing all these beautiful spots again. I’ve never been to that Caravan park but was so surprised to see the lovely pool and nicely kept… U so lucky to be doing all this now enjoy while u can.

    Liked by 1 person


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